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When it comes to workout equipment, no one knows it all. There are different types of gym equipment for the different muscle groups in our bodies.

As a beginner, you can’t use all types of workout equipment if you want to achieve a proper form because you’ll be doing your body a whole lot of harm than good.

There is a piece of equipment specifically designed for a full-body workout, and even if you are on a gym hiatus, there are also weight machines designed to get you back in shape in no time.

Let’s take a broader look at the 3 types of machines you should check out in your next gym session.

What Are The Main Types of Gym Equipment and Machines?

The three main types of gym equipment and machines that cater to various fitness goals are: cardio machines for improving cardiovascular health and burning calories, resistance training machines for building strength and muscle, and free weights for enhancing balance, posture, and agility. These versatile tools can help you achieve your desired fitness level and transform your body.

Embark on a fitness adventure as we delve into the world of cardio machines, resistance training machines, and free weights, revealing their incredible benefits, targeted exercises, and diverse equipment to help you conquer your fitness goals.

Cardio Machines

Cardio MachinesCardio is very essential if you want to keep your lower and upper body fit. However, it can be very intensive, so you either enjoy doing it or dread your gym sessions.

Cardio machines doesn’t just help with weight loss; it can help improve muscle density and even lower stress levels.

For decades, people have engaged in cardiovascular exercise to increase their body’s metabolism, so as to burn calories faster.

To train your abs using cardio workouts, you need to focus on exercise equipment like; ab machines, ab crunch machine, ab roller wheel, and ab coaster.

Let’s look at more benefits attached to cardio workouts, so you know how much of a great workout tool it is.

Benefits of Using Cardio Machines

Easy To Use

Certain exercise routines might be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. However, that isn’t especially true with a cardio machine. Even as a beginner looking for a full-body workout, you can use cardio gym equipment without prior knowledge.

Cardio equipment is one exercise equipment that comes with different resistance levels, so you need to find the one that suits your energy level to avoid injuries.

You Can Use It At Home

One of the best equipment for commercial use and a home gym is cardio equipment because it’s the perfect piece of equipment for those who are busy and don’t want to visit the gym.

It’s a perfect option if you want to build your upper and lower body while building your body’s stamina at the same time.

Targets Desired Body Areas

Whether you are trying to build your lower or upper body strength, cardio machines are just what you need because they focus on upper body muscles and lower body muscles.

It’s a versatile machine that works for the entire body while targeting specific areas such as the legs and thighs, including the abdomen muscles.

Top Cardio Workouts You Should Try

Top Cardio Workouts You Should TryJump Ropes

Jump rope is an effective exercise that focuses on the arm and shoulder muscles, and it’s recognized as one of the best upper body exercises. There is a high chance you haven’t jumped ropes in decades, so now is the time for that. And the best part is that you can do it anywhere, as limited space is not an hindrance.

Squat jumps

You can use a squat machine or a squat rack for squat jumps to increase your intensity level. By practicing squat jumps, you also get to boost your cardiovascular health.

Climbing Stairs

A stair climber is a strength-building tool because it focuses on core muscles and helps speed up metabolism. The calories burned after this workout is usually worth the energy. A good alternative to stair climbers is stair steppers because a stair stepper works on the same muscles.

Different Cardio Equipment

Different Cardio EquipmentSome of the most common types of cardio equipment include:

  • Treadmill – A treadmill is commonly found in many gyms; home gyms inclusive. It’s an essential piece for committed runners who love to burn calories. Yes, it’s a basic set of equipment but one of the most efficient. Treadmills are classified as a glute-ham developer because it targets the glutes, back muscles, leg muscles, and abdomen muscles. You can decide to walk at a calculated pace or opt for a running motion.
  • Exercise Bike – Exercise bikes target the glute muscles, the legs, and the abdomen muscles. You can get mini exercise bikes if you want to equip your home gym with one.
  • Elliptical Machines – Elliptical machine targets certain muscle groups like; the back, arm, abdomen, glute, and leg.
  • Rowing Machines – Rowing machine like the seated row machine targets the muscles of the back, arm, chest, abdomen, glutes, and legs.
  • Recumbent Bike – Recumbent bikes shouldn’t be mistaken for an air resistance exercise bike because the former has better back support. When pedaling, it targets your calf muscles, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.
  • Stationary Bike – Stationary bikes are the right fitness equipment to have because it works on your cardiovascular system and heart health. It targets the hip flexors; just avoid overdoing it on your first try. You can also use fixie bikes or a road bike for an easier ride.

2. Resistance Training Machines (Strength and Muscle Building Machines)

Resistance Training Machines (Strength and Muscle Building MachinesResistance training, also known as strength training, is essential in improving your core strength and overall fitness goals.

When it comes to weight training, you need to use certain strength training equipment that can cause the ab muscles and the major muscle groups to contract.

Training with resistance bands can cause tears to the muscle cells, while the body then works overtime to repair the microscopic damage to make the muscles stronger.

The benefit of using resistance machines for a total body workout are numerous, but let’s look at a few.

Benefits of Using Resistance Machines

Improves Your Body’s Posture

Doing regular resistance training with weight lifting machines, cable machines, or even your body weight can improve your stamina and whole body posture.

A core workout isn’t just an ab workout; it does more than just give you 6- pack abs. You get to have a stronger spine and build a stronger core for your center.

Boost Brain Function

Exercises help increase blood flow, so engaging in rigorous muscle-building exercises using pieces of gym equipment can increase your heart rate and help control blood pressure.

Different Resistance Exercises To Try Out

Barbell Squat

Barbell squats using heavier weights or the standard barbells is a great lower body workout that focuses on your lower legs while building strength in your entire lower body.

Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown machines are perfect for beginners because the olympic weight plates come in a different setting and are adjustable depending on your strength. Lat pulldowns is a great form of exercise for those who want to target their chest and shoulder muscles.


If pull-up workouts aren’t a part of your fitness journey, it’s best to add them now. You can use pull-up bars to improve your overall body strength.

Strength and Muscle Building Machines

A resistance training machine works in different positions in the body. And for nearly every exercise you do using these machines, you need to be certain you are in the correct form to avoid hurting your posture.

  • Cable Crossover Machine – Getting the best cable crossover machine (cable pulley machine) is the ideal machine for your personal use if you are focusing on building muscle mass. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, so be careful not to put too much weight if you don’t want to end up with a bad posture. You can also perform lat pull-downs on this machine in a seated position.
  • Weight Bench – Weight benches such as abdominal bench, flat bench, preacher bench, and Olympic benches are all important tools for a complete workout if you are targeting your muscles.
  • Pec Deck Machine – The muscles worked with this piece of gym equipment are the chest muscles.
  • Hammer Strength Machine – Hammer strength machines focus on the chest and back muscles.
  • Pull Up Bar – You can find this weight lifting equipment in most gyms. To perform pull-ups, you don’t necessarily need a machine; however, a pull-up bar makes it more convenient. It focuses on the chest and arm muscles.
  • Lat Pulldown Machine – Lat pull-down machine is a great tool for building your arms, back, and chest.
  • Calf Raise Machine – Calf raise machines specifically targets the calves muscles. Calf raises are ideal if you are looking to grow your calves.
  • Hyperextension Bench – This gym equipment targets the erector spinae that supports the lower spine.
  • Sit-Ups – This exercise targets the abdominal muscles while promoting good posture.
  • Leg Curl Machine – It focuses primarily on your hamstring muscles.
  • Leg Press Machine – Leg press machines focus on almost all the muscle group in your legs, including the inner thigh muscles.
  • Leg Extension Machine – Leg extension machines focus on the quadriceps. You can stimulate your leg extension exercise using ankle weights or a resistance band to add more resistance.
  • Leg Abduction Machine – Leg abduction machines focus on the leg abductor muscles, while the leg adduction machine targets the inner hips.
  • Hack Squat Machine – Your “leg day” isn’t complete without using squat machines. It performs a similar function to dumbbells, but for the legs. Hack squats are lower body exercises that target the calves, hamstrings, and glutes.
  • Chest Press Machine – Chest press machines are perfect for beginners because it doesn’t require any weights or professional experience. It targets the pectoralis major/pectoral muscles of the chest.
  • Smith Machine Bench Press – You can do bench presses on an inclined bench press if you want an upper body workout. Alternatively, it can be done on a decline bench as a low-impact workout.

3. Free Weights

Free WeightsWhen using free weights, you tend to quickly move up the agility ladder and build your strength at moderate intensity.

Heavy weights or heavy lifting isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get excellent results. Using adjustable dumbbells consistently will give better results.

Using free weights on the gym floor isn’t a sign of weakness; certain benefits even come with it.

Benefits of Training with Free Weights

  • You can make use of free weights anywhere.
  • Free weight is a versatile piece that targets all your muscles in a fantastic way.
  • The primary focus of free weights is to adjust your posture to an upright position.
  • Free weights improve your body’s metabolism.

Free Weights Exercises To Try Out

Shoulder Press

This free weight exercise helps to improve your body posture and balance.

Barbell Exercises

This is a great exercise if you want to target larger muscles, enabling you to have a swift range of motion.

Seated Bicep Curl

This exercise targets muscles in the lower and upper arms.

Free Weight Equipment

Some of the most common free weights are:

  • Adjustable Dumbbell – It focuses on the quads, glutes, and hamstring.
  • Barbells – It focuses on the glutes and hamstrings.
  • Kettlebells– It also focuses on the glutes and hamstrings.

Other machines you can use in a more controlled environment include a medicine ball or sandbag.

Gym Equipment and Machines List

As discussed above there are 3 main types of workout equipment, and there’s a high chance of choosing a machine or lifting weights that are not ideal for you and your goals.

Check our detailed list with 73 gym equipment and workout machines that contain everything you need to know, from specific types of exercise equipment down to the important accessories you’ll need like foam rollers and resistance bands.


To see results from almost any exercise you’re doing requires consistency and the right form.

A good workout doesn’t just involve many exercises; it involves a full range of effective exercises.

To make your fitness plan enjoyable at the comfort of your home, you should get certain exercise equipment like; a stability ball, exercise ball, climbing rope, battle ropes, suspension trainer, plyo boxes, medicine balls, balance board, and of course, a yoga mat to keep yourself flexible and free of injuries.


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