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Refurbished Used Strength Training and Weight Lifting Equipment & Machines

Whether you are looking looking for a commercial gym package or used strength training equipment to use at home our high-quality products are checked by technical experts before they get delivered to your location.

Come visit us today to find out how we can help you no matter what type of strength training equipment you need.

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Our Brands

Our strength training equipment comes from top manufacturers. For example, BODYMASTERS, BUGE, CYBEX, HAMMER STRENGTH, LIFE FITNESS, MAGNUM, MATRIX, NAUTILUS, PRECOR, and TECHNOGYM

How do I choose the best used strength training machine or equipment?

One of the first things you'll need to decide is whether to purchase individual strength training equipment or a dedicated strength training machine.

The biggest differentiator between models is the features and brand. How do you want to use a machine? Do you need to make tons of adjustments for your body type? Or are you just looking to burn calories in a short amount of time?

How do I choose which brand is best?

Are there any specific exercise goals you have or are afraid of not achieving? Some brands are better at achieving certain results such as reducing arm fat or strengthening hamstrings.

For example, when it comes to arm fat reduction machines, Life Fitness and Nautilus make equipment laden with features you'll love.

If you want to purchase a machine rather than individual equipment, there are three factors that you must consider: brand, features, and price tag. There are many popular machines on the market from Precor and Life Fitness down to inexpensive models from reputable companies like Magnum and Matrix.

Why buy from us

  • Here at Best Used Gym Equipment, your satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • Come see all the strength training equipment we have to offer. From home gym packages to used strength training equipment for commercial gyms and fitness centers, spas, and hotels!
  • We have super affordable prices – you'll find them hard to beat!
  • Our experts can help you get the best results from each workout machine.
  • When you purchase your new machine from us, it is delivered by one of our experts who will install it too.
  • Our excellent and friendly customer service doesn't stop there – when you need repairs on any machine, we've got you covered!

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