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Used Arms Curls & Extensions

The BUGE range of Selectorized arm training machines offers a wide range of exercises with the convenience of quick adjustments.

Ideal for commercial gyms and fitness centers. Get your own BUGE selectorized arm curl or extension today for a super affordable price! 

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Many fitness enthusiasts want to get stronger, faster, and more powerful. And there are lots of ways to do it: lifting heavy weights or using bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and push-ups.

But those methods can cause problems or it can be hard for most people to stick with them for long enough to see impressive results. 

The solution is – BUGE selectorized arm training machines – that allow people to get the same benefits as lifting heavy weights in a fraction of the time. 

We have selectorized arm training machines for bicep curls, extensions, seated dips, and more.

And we also stock a range of big-name brands: Cybex, Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Magnum, and Nautilus. 

With our arm training machines, workouts are much more effective at increasing strength, speed, and power!

The resistance on these machines is controlled by a pin selector which allows the user to choose exactly how hard each workout will be. It is super easy to increase or decrease the load for an optimal workout.

Our arm training machines are perfect for commercial gyms, hotel gyms, fitness centers, and even home gyms because they take up very little space but offer lots of fantastic benefits!

Benefits of Arm Training Machines

  • Stay away from old school free weights and stay on-trend with selectorized training 
  • Easily select the weight that causes muscle failure in 8-10 reps to increase muscle size & power 
  • No more guesswork, no need to think about what weights to use for a workout
  • Reduce going back and forth between dumbbells or kettlebells 
  • Simplify exercise routines with machines built specifically for each exercise
  • Increased muscle mass and vascularity fast
  • Improved flexibility and joint mobility
  • Reduction of cellulite

With the BUGE range of Selectorized Arm Training Machines, you can give your gym members the best and most efficient workout possible for their arms. 

Let them see results fast every time they use the machines. They'll love you for it!

Visit our showroom in Miami or call us today. Our gym and fitness experts are here ready to help you choose the best selectorized Arm Training Machine for your needs!

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