Cybex VR3 Bicep / Arm Curl

Used Bicep Curls & Extensions

Our range of refurbished selectorized bicep training machines are fantastic for biceps curls and arm extensions and allow anyone at any fitness level or age (even seniors with limited mobility) to exercise safely and effectively.

Each machine undergo robust technical inspection before its delivery to your location.

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Everyone wants toned arms, and with BUGE Arm Training Machines you can help your gym members get great results in less time!

Our machines are easy on the joints, so even if you have older members with arthritis or other joint problems they can still enjoy these gym equipment products!

Benefits of Biceps Curls & Extension

  • Effectively tone and strengthen arms
  • Curl weights without causing strain on joints or wrists
  • Build muscular strength, endurance, and agility in a controlled environment
  • Get more efficient at lifting heavy objects
  • Work the muscles in the arms more efficiently
  • Allow for variable resistance with each curl
  • More variation than with standard free weights
  • Safe, simple, and fantastic results!

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