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It can be of great convenience to have a treadmill in your home. Having your own treadmill will eliminate any excuse you have to skip your daily exercise and you can get in your required cardio workout every day.

A lot of wear and tear is associated with the regular use of a treadmill. Treadmill maintenance is no joke and you need to take it very seriously to ensure that your machine continues running smoothly.

What Is A Treadmill?

A treadmill is a piece of gym equipment that comes with a running belt that allows the user to walk, jog, or run in place. Some treadmills come with different features and programs to help you in your fitness journey.

Do Treadmills Need Maintenance?

Do Treadmills Need Maintenance?

Just like with any other equipment, maintaining your treadmill on a regular basis is highly imperative to ensure that the machine remains in optimal condition and has a longer life.

What Do You Need To Maintain A Treadmill?

If you are looking to maintain your treadmill, then these are some of the basic things you will be needing;

Treadmill Lubricant

You definitely need a lubricant for your treadmill to keep the belt running smoothly. Most treadmill lubricants come as liquid or spray and can be easily applied to the walking belt. It is important to check the owner’s manual to be sure of the specifics.

Treadmill Mat

In order to protect the motor area of your treadmill, you can utilize treadmill mats. They are helpful when it comes to minimizing the amount of dust, dirt, carpet fibers, and pet hair that get into the machine.

Treadmill Cleaning Kit

Regular cleaning of the machine is needed to ensure that you don’t have to make unnecessary costly repairs. Instead of just using a wet cloth, you need to have a cleaning kit and it mostly comes with a handheld vacuum, cleaning brush, cleaning cloths, and a cleaning solution.

Treadmill Belt Alignment Tool

This is a handy tool that helps to align the belt properly on the rollers. This is a great practice to prevent uneven wear and tear in most cases.

Treadmill Safety Key

This is a very essential item to improve safety when on the treadmill. It is a magnetic key that is attached to the treadmill and shuts the machine off automatically if the user pulls the key out or falls off the walking belt. It is an important tool for your home treadmill.

Treadmill Replacement Parts

You need to have replacement parts for your treadmill in hand because some of the parts might be subjected to premature wear and tear.

How To Maintain Your Treadmill?

How To Maintain Your Treadmill?

Most treadmills can be maintained with the following steps;

Maintain Your Running Deck

Always wipe the running deck with a damp cloth after each workout session to get rid of any sweat buildup. Unlike in a local gym, you are fully responsible for keeping the deck clean.

Set Your Treadmill On A Level Surface

Making sure the surface you place your treadmill on is level is a great way to keep it running evenly along the deck.

Keep Your Treadmill Clean

Keep Your Treadmill Clean

How clean your treadmill is on a regular basis will determine how long it lasts without issues.

Wipe Down the Machine (After Each Use)

Make sure that you wipe your machine once you are done with it to prevent corrosion of the belt and frame.

Clean Under Belt (Monthly)

We recommend you clean underneath the belt once every month because dirt and dust can accumulate in that area over time.

Clean Around Motor (Monthly)

You can clean the motor area of your treadmill once every three months to keep it working at optimal efficiency.

Vacuum interior and exterior

Ensure you vacuum the outer and inner areas of your treadmill. But be sure to follow the user manual as you might be prompted to use a dry cloth instead of a vacuum.

Clean hood

Pop off the hood and have it cleaned thoroughly.

Clean frame

Make sure you also clean the frame of the machine to stop it from rusting.

Lubricating Your Treadmill

Lubricating Your Treadmill

If you are making use of the machine regularly, then it is required you lubricate your treadmill often.

How do you lubricate a treadmill?

After wiping off the dirt from the belt and motor, apply the lubricant to the treadmill deck and then run the treadmill at a low speed for some minutes.

How do you know if your treadmill needs lubrication?

Check to see if there is uneven wear, belt slipping, unusual noise, or increased friction. These are the signs that you need to lubricate.

What happens if you don’t lubricate a treadmill?

It could lead to serious issues like damage to the motor or belt sticking which could make the machine dangerous to use.

Does your treadmill need to be lubricated if you don’t use it?

Even if you don’t use your treadmill, you should still try to lubricate it periodically.

Inspect Drive Belt

Inspect Drive Belt

Check the belt for issues like misalignment or possibly bigger problems that would need you to get a new belt.

Tighten the Belt (As Needed)

Over time, the belt of your machine might start to get loose. Based on how the treadmill feels while you are using it, you will be able to spot this issue. There are bolts on the side of the deck you can tighten to adjust the belt tension.

Adjust Belt (As Needed)

If your belt is misaligned, you can use an Allen wrench to adjust the bolts on the side of the treadmill.

Lubricate the treadmill belt

Make sure you lubricate the treadmill belt in relation to how much you use it. Most treadmills will need 100% silicone lubricant, but it is still recommended to check the owner’s manual.

Use A Surge Protector

Using a surge protector is an ideal way to protect your treadmill from those unexpected power surges that could otherwise damage the machine.

Use A Treadmill Mat

We advise using a quality treadmill mat to prevent how much dirt and debris gets accumulated under your treadmill. It also protects your floor from damage.

Inspect Your Treadmill Regularly

Be sure to inspect your treadmill often to be sure that everything is working as intended.

Check for Wear

Make sure you inspect the walking belt and deck for signs of wear every week.

Check and tighten the bolts and screws

While inspecting your treadmill, if you notice that there are loose screws and bolts, have them tightened immediately.

Monitor And Safeguard Electrical Components

You should always be alert and spot any electrical problems. If you notice a burning smell, you should stop using the machine immediately and find out what’s causing it(an object lodged under the belt, dust in the motor, etc) as it could develop into a fire hazard.

Check The Treadmill’s Alignment

You should always inspect the alignment of the machine as proper alignment reduces the risk of injury and also promotes better belt life.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

You should perform regular maintenance on your treadmill and make sure it is added to your schedule.

How often should THE treadmill be serviced?

You should have your treadmill serviced at least once a year. Ensure you employ the services of a professional.

Keep The Treadmill Plugged Into A Surge Protector

Purchase a good surge protector and keep your treadmill plugged into it at all times to protect the electronics of the machine.

Allow The Treadmill To Cool Down After Use

After every use, give the treadmill some time to cool off before you hop on it again.

Check The Belt Tension Of The Treadmill

To allow for correct operation and safety when using the treadmill, checking the tension of the belt is highly imperative.

Additional Tips

Additional Tips

These are some extra tips for protecting and maintaining your treadmill;

Keep The Treadmill In A Dry, Cool Place

Storing your treadmill in a cool and dry area is ideal because it reduces odor, prevents rust, protects the electronics, and improves performance.

Replacing The Belt

After a long while, you will eventually need to have your treadmill belt replaced. Be sure to call a pro for the installation of the new belt.

Unplug Your Treadmill When Not In Use

Make sure your home treadmill is unplugged when you are not using it.

Make A Maintenance Checklist

Set up a maintenance checklist so that you can keep track of the tasks you have done and the ones you are yet to do.

Keep Pets And Children Away From The Treadmill

Keep your children and pets away from the machine for their safety. Also, the hairs of your pet could get stuck on the treadmill.

What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your Treadmill?

These are some of the downsides to not maintaining your treadmill regularly;

  • Belt wear and tear
  • Motor damage
  • Reduced performance
  • Higher repair costs
  • Electrical issues
  • Safety hazards
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Reduced lifespan
  • Voided warranty

Treadmill Maintenance Checklist

Let these tasks be on your treadmill maintenance checklist;

Daily Tasks:

  1. Wipe down the machine after each use to remove sweat and dirt.
  2. Check the treadmill belt alignment and tension.
  3. Inspect the power cord for any damage or wear.
  4. Make sure the treadmill is correctly placed on an even surface.
  5. Allow the treadmill to cool down after use.

Weekly Tasks:

  1. Inspect the frame and treadmill deck for any visible signs of wear or damage.
  2. Check and tighten bolts and screws if necessary.
  3. Verify that the treadmill mat is clean and in good condition.
  4. Examine the drive belt for wear, proper tension, and alignment.

Monthly Tasks:

  1. Clean under the belt and around the motor to remove dust and debris.
  2. Vacuum the interior and exterior of the treadmill, including the hood and frame.
  3. Inspect the electrical components, such as the console, for proper functioning and signs of wear.
  4. Check the belt for signs of wear, such as fraying or excessive stretching.
  5. Lubricate the treadmill belt as needed (or follow the manufacturer’s recommendation).

Quarterly Tasks:

  1. Schedule a routine maintenance service according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Thoroughly inspect the treadmill for any wear or damage to its components, including the motor, belt, and rollers.
  3. Replace worn or damaged parts as needed.
  4. Check the treadmill’s alignment and make adjustments if necessary.
  5. Test the treadmill’s safety features, such as the emergency stop button and safety key, to ensure they are functioning properly.



So, you should be well aware by now that your treadmill needs proper cleaning and regular maintenance to remain in perfect working condition. So, be sure to always follow the user manual and take proper care of your machine.

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