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Wholesale Gym Equipment For Sale

Our deals on wholesale gym equipment include our best-selling cardio and weight training equipment bundled together for significant discounts.

Whether you need commercial gym equipment, treadmills or something on the strength side, a wholesale fitness package has the advantage that it is more convenient and cost-effective!

BUGE works with leading fitness companies, manufacturers in the fitness equipment industry. Our fitness experts use their experience to guide clients in selecting the best products that meet their fitness needs.

We provide exceptional customer service and you’ll find everything you’re looking for at BUGE.

Why buy a wholesale gym equipment?

For retail prices that are lower than what you’ll find in stores, you may want to look into buying wholesale used gym equipment.

Used cardio and strength training equipment is often purchased for large, high-use installations such as health clubs, commercial fitness equipment facilities, or community centers. If you’re looking to set up a professional club or leisure complex, BUGE offers the best deals on high-quality equipment.

It’s tricky to find a reliable fitness equipment supplier of wholesale equipment. One thing you should always request is testimonials and references before you buy any piece of used equipment. With the right wholesale supplier, you can feel confident about your purchase.

Our range of wholesale gym equipment

We’ve got everything from commercial workout equipment to home studio gear for everyone’s price range.

BUGE has an extensive variety of cardio pieces, such as recumbent bikes and stairmasters. We also stock strength pieces such as plate-loaded and selectorized resistance machines and accessories for individuals and athletes.

Our buying department sources our inventory pieces from commercial gym facilities, in quantity. And each one of our customers gets the benefit because we pass the savings on to you. You won’t find a better price!

Our wholesale cardio product range includes:

• basic treadmill workout model • advanced treadmill units • stairmaster units • circuit machines • steppers • arc trainers • rowing units • elliptical units • aerobic bikes • recumbent bikes • stair climbers

You can shop by machine type on our website. If you are looking for a specific piece such as an elliptical machine or treadmills, you will easily find one just by filtering our products.

Our wholesale strength training product range includes:

• Free weights • plate loaded equipment • Smith machine • benches • Olympic & bumper plates • barbells

Our accessories include:

• dumbbells • mats • squat racks

We even offer a full range of machines and accessories for the home. Each one gives you all the same benefits as larger commercial models but in a more compact design with less noise.

Our wholesale fitness equipment packages include everything you need to establish a fitness club or training facility. They are competitively priced and can be scaled according to your needs.

Prices can vary according to your location and the size of the order, but still, they are among the best available compared to other companies.

Which fitness brands do we work with?

We’ve spent many years developing relationships with fitness experts, trainers, and equipment manufacturers. We offer a wide and diverse selection of high-quality, pre-owned, and refurbished items.

Among the many brands we have in store, you’ll find Nautilus, FreeMotion, StarTrac, TechnoGym, Cybex, Life Fitness, Precor, and Hammer Strength equipment, among other renowned brands in the industry.

Browse our complete collection to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Why buy wholesale fitness equipment from Best Used Gym Equipment?

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Best Prices

BUGE has the most competitive pricing for used commercial exercise equipment like treadmill and elliptical units. We achieve this through our long-standing relationships with commercial gym owners, big-name industry brands, and fitness equipment suppliers.



For your peace of mind, we provide comprehensive warranty coverage for each piece we supply.

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Fully Inspected & Refurbished Machines

All items, without exception, are fully inspected and refurbished to the highest standards. Our expert technicians inspect and select each item based on condition and functionality. So you can be sure you are investing in equipment that your members can use for a long time.


Fast Delivery & Installation

Our experienced team will arrange a fast delivery and install each piece of your wholesale gym equipment and provide trainer guidance to make sure it is ready for your members to use and enjoy. We deliver locally and across the United States and can arrange international shipping!

Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance Available

We provide fully comprehensive service and maintenance to ensure your wholesale gym equipment remains in top condition and your members remain happy!


Variety of Fitness Equipment

With BUGE, you get the best value-for-money deal anywhere! Need to kit out your fitness center? We supply every type of training and exercise equipment you can imagine! And a whole bunch of accessories your gym users will love!

Gym Equipment Packages

Thinking of opening a new gym? Need to refurbish your gym, hotel fitness center, or sports club? We have the ideal solution – our custom gym equipment wholesale packages. Choose the package which best meets your requirements, and we’ll arrange to deliver and install it for you.

Life Fitness & Hammer Strength Gym Package

Designed for optimal upper and lower body movement workouts, this gym equipment wholesale package includes products from top brands Life Fitness and Hammer Strength. Ideal for developing optimal exercise output, burning calories, and building strength.your facility’s needs.

Our Life Fitness & Hammer Strength wholesale gym package is perfect for gyms, private fitness studios, hotels, an apartment complex fitness facility, or anywhere wholesale gym equipment is needed.

  • 1 × Standing Calf Raise
  • 1 × Abdominal/Core Crunch
  • 1 × Triceps Extension
  • 1 × Shoulder Press
  • 1 × Back Extension
  • 1 × Pulldown
  • 1 × Chest Press
  • 1 × Seated Leg Curl
  • 1 × Leg Extension
  • 1 × MTS Bicep Curl
  • 1 × MTS Incline Chest
Precor Discovery Plate Loaded Leg Extension

Want to provide a more focused or intense workout? Our Basic Metal Muscle option gives you everything your members demand to maximize their resistance training activity and routines. Suitable for all fitness levels.

  • What is included:
  • 1 × BUGE Half Rack Rotation
  • 1 × BUGE Adjustable bench
  • 2 × BUGE Bumper Plates, 10LBs
  • 2 × BUGE Bumper Plates, 15LBs
  • 2 × BUGE Bumper Plates, 25LBs
  • 2 × BUGE Bumper Plates, 35LBs
  • 2 × BUGE Bumper Plates, 45LBs
  • 2 × BUGE Bumper Plates, 55LBs
  • 1 × BUGE Olympic 7″ Bar
  • 1 × BUGE DB set from 5 to 50 Round (BUGE rack included)
Buy / Sell Equipment

All our gym packages are commercial-grade equipment. They are premium brands, durable, but the most affordable on the market.

How do I buy wholesale used gym equipment from BUGE?

Buying wholesale fitness equipment is challenging, but BUGE offers one of the most extensive inventories of equipment wholesale gym buyers will find on the market.

Let us know, and our team will assess what is needed to provide you with a quote. We can provide bulk orders, so you can get exactly what you need for your facility. We buy entire gyms and pass the savings to our customers, who then enjoy our unique and personal level of service.

We have the largest quantity of wholesale training and fitness equipment, so it’s easy to see why we’re # 1 in used gym and fitness equipment.

Contact us today for further information, if you have questions, and to learn more about us and how we can fulfill your facility’s needs.




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