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Used Chest Press Machines

Our selection of refurbished used chest press machines allow the user to work out safely and effectively for maximum results. By using a selectorized machine, all exercises can be performed with perfect form so that every rep counts towards building muscle mass!

All machines are fully adjustable, so they fit any height or size of user. No trouble getting into the perfect position again!

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Our range of Selectorized Chest Press Machines from brands like Cybex, Quantum, and Technogym allows users to select their desired resistance level and then lock it in for a more challenging workout every time.

If you want to offer your members an easy way to tone up and strengthen chest muscles, try BUGE's Selectorized Chest Press Machines today!

Benefits of Chest Press Machines

Bench pressing with dumbbells is hard unless you're an experienced lifter. It's impossible to get the correct form without a spotter, and it feels dangerous if the weights are heavy.

The fantastic thing about chest press machines is that they are so simple. They allow you to adjust the weight, which means that you can use more than your body weight and really challenge yourself – without a spotter!

  • Instantly creates a lean and strong upper body
  • Customize to fitness needs and goals
  • Control the amount of weight you lift with ease 
  • Full range of motion machines provide optimal muscle stimulation
  • Build an impressive chest and shoulder workout routine 
  • Our machines are engineered with the most up-to-date features
  • Multi-grip handles, adjustable seat positions, ergonomic design
  • Easy to use for people of all fitness levels 
  • Quality products made by professionals!

Chat with us to discuss your needs or call us on 305 -501- 4614

We'll make sure you get the best deal possible on top-quality used Chest Press Machines!

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