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Avoid constantly investing in expensive new kettlebells. Our collection of top-quality used kettlebells is so much cheaper than buying new ones. Buy the same quantity for less – or buy even more kettlebells for the same budget!

We ship directly to your location so that you can focus on what’s important – looking after your clients!

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Kettlebells are an incredibly effective way to work out and also a great way to encourage group fitness classes. But they're really expensive and bulky! Plus, it's hard to keep track of who has which weights, for which class.

That's why at BUGE we make it easy for gym owners to provide everything members need for an effective workout. 

Benefits of Kettlebells

  • Kettlebells give members a fun, challenging workout
  • Purchase enough weights for even the busiest days
  • Increase retention rates by providing an engaging exercise option
  • More versatile than regular weights
  • Provide more weight options for members to work out 
  • Encourage more members by providing multiple kettlebell class options
  • Kettlebells are popular – and still on-trend!

We can supply you with the optimal kettlebell package for your gym or fitness club's needs.

Call our experts today!

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