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Used Plate-Loaded Machines

Our range of used plate-loaded machines allows you to offer all kinds of exercise options for your members or guests without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars frequently on new gym equipment.

We have a range of equipment dedicated to glute and booty building, bicep curls, front pull-downs, wide pull-downs, hack squats, low rows, seated dips, and much more!

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Our range of used plate-loaded machines and equipment comes with all the latest features. They allow you to install affordable fitness equipment that's perfect for anyone at any level.

You can even rent our used gym equipment!

The problem for people working out at home is that most don't have access to professional strength training machines and their home gym equipment doesn't work for them.

Our plate-loaded machines that focus on certain muscle groups allow people to achieve their strength goals in less time.

As the owner of a gym or fitness center, you can provide the solution with used plate-loaded equipment. They are affordable and easy-to-use fitness machines that can help anyone get stronger in less time than they would by using free weights or other traditional exercise equipment.

Benefits of Plate-Loaded Machines

  • Plate-loaded machines are more effective than cross-training
  • Users have been shown to gain more muscle mass and strength in a shorter time
  • An easier, safer, and more comfortable way to train with weights and resistance
  • Reduced injury risk by using plate-loaded machines instead of free weights
  • Increase muscle size quickly
  • No pain due to the lack of stress on your joints
  • Optional smaller plates allow for a more comfortable and easier workout
  • Fast, effective, safe – and with great results!

Offer the best exercise experience for your gym or health club members with refurbished used plate-loaded machines from BUGE.

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