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In fitness, low impact exercise equipment often gets overlooked, especially because many focus on high impact exercises. These exercises increase their heart rate and calorie burn. But, the truth is low impact exercise is known to have just as many benefits as high impact workouts. It can make a significant difference in your physical and mental health.

Low impact exercises are fantastic for people who can’t work out in a typical way or doing high impact exercise. They’re an ideal alternative for the elderly, disabled, injured, or someone just wanting to take it a bit slower. Today, to help you, we are going to share with you the best low impact exercise machines to use in your next workout.

Therefore, keep on reading to know more about low impact exercise equipment.

What are Low Impact Exercises and Training Machines?

This form of exercise causes little impact on your joints. It’s more than likely you will have only one foot off the ground at a time doing them. Because of this, there’s a smaller risk of injuries on your muscles and joints, making it safer to perform.

Typically some of the best examples are swimming, yoga, pilates, aqua aerobics, rowing, and more. Now a low impact exercise machine is slightly similar.

For an exercise machine to be classed as low impact, it has to provide each joint with smooth movements and support while doing it. Some examples are the elliptical, cycling machines, and steppers.

Benefits of training with low impact exercise equipment

There are a lot of benefits to doing low impact exercise, such as:

  • Good for beginners
  • Reduced stress on every joint
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower risk of musculoskeletal injury
  • Anyone can use the equipment
  • Better balance and stability
  • Increased motion range
  • Better technique
  • Great for burning fat
  • Good for COVID recovery

Which are the best low impact exercise equipment and machines?

If you want to lose weight, get fit, or undergo fewer high impact exercises, then you should try using the following:


Elliptical Elliptical machines are beneficial for both your upper body and lower body workout. Ellipticals are stationary machines that mimic functional movements like walking, skipping, and climbing.

It also helps increase your range of motion by using hand levers and legs. This machine is best added to a cardio workout and can help with weight loss. It targets your hamstrings, quads, glutes, chest, biceps, back, triceps, and core.


  • Elliptical machines have ergonomically shaped handles for balance, reducing the risk of falls
  • Low impact cardio
  • Betters your balance decreasing your risk of falls.
  • Silent machine
  • Burns many calories quickly


  • Ellipticals are not effective for muscle strength
  • There is no incline on an Elliptical

Price Range of an elliptical:

  • Used: $150-$1000
  • New: $150-$11,000

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: You should not use elliptical machines if you have hip or knee problems. The movement that an elliptical machine produces might trigger a flare up.

Usage tips: You should always work out without putting too much pressure on your toes when using this cardio equipment. Always ensure you have a good posture when using this equipment.


RowerAnother good low impact exercise is rowing using the rowing machine. These cardio machines provide you with the same movement as rowing while in the water. Rowing machines are great for weight loss, and they let you pick your intensity. Rowing machines target every muscle when working out with little impact, being an effective full-body workout.


  • The seated position causes little stress and impact to be placed on your body.
  • It targets a variety of muscles, not just the lower
  • It burns a lot of calories


  • It takes up a lot of space.

Price Range of rowing machines:

  • Used: $200-$500
  • New: $500-$1000

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: If you have chronic back pain, you should not use it.

Usage tips: Always make sure you keep your head neutral and shoulders balanced. Moreover, keep your shins vertical if you keep them perpendicular, you could injure yourself.

Cross Trainer

Cross TrainerA cross trainer is a stationary machine that targets your glutes, calves, shoulders, back, abdominals, things, and more. It places less stress on your joints than the treadmill and burns many calories quickly. It’s often seen as more effective for your health than the treadmill.

Many people describe the movement a cross trainer provides as similar to skiing. While using this machine, you have full control to choose your intensity and speed. These machines tend to focus on working your abdominals, glutes, back, shoulders, abs, and more.


  • It’s a full body workout
  • Quick at burning calories
  • Improves your balance
  • Increases your stamina


  • It’s not a good machine to gain muscle strength

The price range of cross trainers:

  • Used: $150-$1000
  • New: $150-$11,000

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: People who have a history of hip and knee issues.

Usage tips: Always hold onto the handles when using. But if you want to target different muscles, try switching to different handles.

  1. Recumbent Exercise Bikes

These exercise machines allow you to cycle in a reclined position instead of being upright. This exercise bike allows you to choose your incline, distance, and speed. It typically works your thighs, calves, and glutes.


  • It’s a form of low impact cardio
  • It’s stationary, reducing your risk of injury
  • These bikes have a seat and backrest, making the exercise comfortable


  • This cardio equipment uses a lot of space in a home gym
  • It can become boring after some time
  • It may not engage the core muscles entirely

Price range of recumbent exercise bike:

  • Used: $200-$500
  • New: $200-$2000

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: If you have pain sitting down, you should not use it.

Tips for using: Always keep a straight posture and do not lean forward when using.

Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright Exercise BikesAn upright aerobic exercise bike is a stationary machine allowing you to cycle while staying upright. It mainly targets your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.


  • You can control the speed and intensity
  • There are handlebars to grip on for stability
  • They’re more affordable than other exercise equipment
  • They don’t take up much room; it’s ideal for home gyms


  • There is no lumbar support
  • Their seat is small
  • They can cause an unnatural head movement

Price range of upright exercise bike:

  • Used: $50-$500
  • New: $300-$1500

Beginner friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: If you suffer from multiple joint pain, you should not use it.

Tips for using: Try stepping up your workouts by using intervals to stop you from getting bored.

Rowing Machines

Rowing MachinesThis is a fitness machine that allows you to work out without standing up. The rower allows you to sit on a sliding seat and move your upper body and lower body, similar to how you would rowing. A rowing machine is a total body workout, and it targets your quadriceps, glutes, calves, pectorals, and obliques.


  • It’s great for all fitness levels
  • The machine is low impact
  • It can quickly better your power and endurance
  • It can be used in a home workout


  • It uses a lot of space
  • Not suitable for apartments
  • The motion is not natural

Price Range of a rowing machine:

  • Used: $200-$500
  • New: $500-$1000

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: Do not use if you suffer from chronic back and knee pain.

Usage tips: If you’re planning to use the rowing machine for weight loss, try and use it for 30 minutes a day, around 4-6 times a week.

Stair Climbers

Stair ClimbersA stair climber is an exercise machine that helps simulate climbing the stairs. The machine itself is low impact, allowing you to have full control over it. It’s a fantastic low-impact cardio workout that does not cause a lot of pressure or strain on the joints. Stair climbers target your lower body, mainly your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and abs.


  • The cardio machine is easy to use
  • It has functional movements
  • It burns calories quickly
  • Allows users to have better balance and coordination
  • Boosts your VO2 max
  • Low impact


  • It only targets your leg muscles

Price range of stair climbers:

  • Used: N/A
  • New: $2000-$5000

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: Anyone who has preexisting knee and hip pain.

Usage tips: Don’t use it for too long; increase the time frame in gradual amounts.

Air Gliders

Air GlidersAir gliders are also known as air walkers and target your entire body. This equipment allows you to put your feet on each pedal and hands-on levers, creating a gliding motion. It’s a low impact machine and can be easily used at home.


  • They’re great for a home gym
  • Low impact cardio equipment
  • You can change the speed to your preference
  • It has levers and a pedal for stability


  • The movement is unnatural
  • You can’t add resistance

Price Range:

  • Used: $20-$136
  • New: $136-$405

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: If you have chronic knee pain, don’t use.

Usage tips: Try to do exercises on these for at least 10-15 minutes using the air glider a day if you don’t have any other workout equipment.

Assault Bikes

Assault BikesAssault bikes are a form of low impact cardio machines that allow you to cycle and move your arms simultaneously. The bikes have a fan built in to keep you cool while exercising. Moreover, the machine targets your major muscle groups in your lower body and upper body.


  • High-intensity machines that burn a lot of calories per hour
  • Great for interval training
  • Builds and tones major muscle groups
  • Low impact on the joints
  • Boosts your aerobic conditioning performance


  • The belt or chain of the bike can make a lot of noise
  • You can burn out quickly

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: N/A

Usage tips: Always make sure you lean forward slightly when using it. Plus, ensure you have the right seat height to exercise comfortably.

Multi-Station Home Gym

Multi-Station Home GymIf you require strength training equipment for your home, then the multi-station home gym is perfect. This machine has different stations allowing you to bench press, leg press, use free weights, and more. It also allows more than one person to use it at a time. Due to the variety of exercises, the equipment can target your whole body.


  • It saves time traveling to a gym
  • Saves money
  • You can do resistance training
  • The workouts are effective


  • It takes up a lot of space
  • Requires a certain fitness level to use
  • Limited weight workout

Price range:

  • Used: $200-$700
  • New: $300-$15000

Beginner-friendly: No

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: Those who lack fitness knowledge could easily injure themself.

Usage tips: The shorter you are, the lower you will want to move the seat.


SteppersSteppers are also known as stair machines. The main difference is these have two steps that allow you to put your feet onto them. There are also is a handle for you to grip to maintain balance.

The machine is really easy to use as you just press on the steps like you would walking up to them in real life. This movement is low impact and causes little problems on the joints. You also can change the resistance while working out. Steppers are not intense; they target your legs and the rest of your lower body.


  • They give your muscles a toned look
  • Low impact
  • Adjustable tension settings
  • Normal movement


  • These resistance and cardio machines only target the lower body
  • Not the most effective machine

Price range:

  • Used: $40-$150
  • New: $150-$250

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: Anyone who suffers from ankle issues should not use.

Usage tips: Begin with a comfortable rhythm before increasing your speed and heart rate.

Arc Trainers

Arc Trainers



Arc trainers are similar to ellipticals; they are stationary and low impact. You can adjust the incline and resistance on this machine to your preference. It has handles for you to hold to help you balance while using the machine. This machine mainly actives the lower body, focusing on your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.


  • It is low impact on feet, ankles, and knees
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Good for weight loss
  • Good for muscle activation


  • It takes up a lot of space

Price range:

  • Used: $1000-$5000
  • New: $8500-$10,000

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Suitable for elders: Yes

Dangerous for: If you have knee problems, you should not use.

Usage tips: Choose a resistance level that allows you to exercise comfortably before increasing.

Which exercise machine provides the lowest impact?

If you’re wondering what the best low-impact exercise machine is, it’s the elliptical. Ellipticals are great for both home and commercial gyms. The elliptical is the best low-impact exercise because it provides a great cardiovascular workout with little impact. It’s even suited for all fitness levels; it’s an excellent machine for all.

Buying low-impact cardio machines & equipment

Buying low-impact cardio machines & equipmentIf you’re thinking about buying low impact exercise machines and equipment, then you should think about the following:


When buying low impact equipment, you will want to think about where to put it. Then based on the location, you can decide on the machine best for that space.


Sometimes new models of low impact equipment can be quite expensive to buy. This is especially the case if you want to buy more than one item. To save you money, it’s best to buy used off certain online marketplaces like BUGE. If you’re not familiar with BUGE they are one of the top suppliers for refurbished fitness equipment.


Depending on what you want to achieve with your workouts, you might buy equipment with certain features. Take your time to review the different models’ features to see if they can help you achieve your goals.

For example, if you want to work out at a certain heart rate, you might want to have a machine with a heart monitor built-in. Similarly, if you want to gain muscle, you will want a machine that focuses on resistance.


Overall, low-impact workouts are the best for all fitness abilities and ages. Low impact exercises are great for your health because the workout does not put a lot of strain on your joints. These workouts are versatile; they can be done in your home or gym.

Plus, the amount of equipment and exercise machines there means you will never get bored of cardio, weight, or resistance training.

Moreover, just because it’s low impact does not mean it’s less effective; often, impact exercises burn many calories more safely. Just remember when you’re choosing them to pick according to their features, your fitness level, and cost.

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