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Shop our range of refurbished used steppers & climbers. From basic models to advanced machines packed with features Best Used Gym Equipment has all the top brands and models available. All steppers & climbers undergo expert technical inspection before delivery.

Our machines are for beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

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Can Anyone use a Climber or a Stepper?

Yes, Climbers and Steppers in the gym are primarily cardio machines. They usually have handles that you can hold on to. They allow you to step up on the machine one foot at a time and use your arms and shoulders for greater power output.

The rotation of the crank replicates the motion of climbing/walking, generating resistance without having to put any undue pressure on your joints.

Steppers are excellent for beginners as they allow you to gain confidence before progressing onto more advanced machines or equipment such as angle station bikes, stairmasters, rowing machines, etc.

Is there a big difference between a stepper and a climber?

Some people find a Climber more engaging for both upper and lower body muscles due to its variable movement patterns. But other people find a Stepper is less challenging and appropriate for their age.

Even though they are two different pieces of gym equipment, they produce very similar results in terms of muscle engagement.

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The Benefits of Climbers & Steppers

  • A climber is a metabolic conditioning machine that mimics climbing stairs, improving overall body strength and power. 
  • Climbers engage many of the core muscles in your body without placing a ton of stress on those core muscles. 
  • Using a Climber or Stepper is one of the best exercises to help burn fat quickly due to its effectiveness at burning calories and strengthening the stomach region.
  • These machines are great because they not only work out specific muscle groups (like the glutes) but also help tone your whole body as well while shaking off some of those holiday pounds! 
  • A tip to remember is that climbing stairs (up or down) burns about 100 calories more per hour than using most elliptical machines! 
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