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Used Free Weights

Are you looking for used weights to get max results from your workouts?

Best Used Gym Equipment has all the used weights you need. High-quality used gym equipment and used free weights, from a simple kettlebell and bumper plates to a full rack of pro dumbbells!

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Benefits of Free Weights

Free weights can help you maximize your gains in the gym or at home.

Here are just 3 reasons why free weights should be a part of your fitness workout:

  • Free weights allow for more natural movements, they don't restrict you as machines do.
  • Training with free weights works on stabilizing muscles as well as fast-twitch muscle fibers for better overall performance and leaner muscle mass.
  • Research by Iowa State University found that older adults who did free weight exercises had improved balance and coordination.

Our Used Weights


Our BUGE kettlebells are made from solid cast iron and are perfect to tone your entire body. They have a flat bottom, and you can do push-ups with them! Ideal for gym or home fitness use.

When you want to get toned, kettlebells are perfect for everyone. They are versatile and durable too. Act NOW while supplies last!


Elevate your fitness game with a full top-quality dumbbell set! There are weights from 5 to 50 pounds. The range is perfect for getting in shape. Plus, they come with an awesome rack for easy storage and organization. All you need is MORE REPS!

The best thing about our dumbbells is they don't slip when you're using them! The rubber hex-shaped weights stay put on the rack (no sliding) and their heavy-duty build means minimal noise during your workout routine.

Keeping dumbbells neat and organized has never been easier! With the durable steel stacking rack, you can keep the whole set in one convenient location.

Shop our range of affordable used weights now!

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