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Used Shoulder Press Machines

BUGE offers many types of used selectorized shoulder press machines that combine the best parts of dumbbells and barbells into one easy-to-use machine. 

Our shoulder press machines are perfect for commercial gyms, hotels, health clubs, and similar places. Give your members a variety of equipment – and a quick and effective workout!

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We supply used shoulder press machines from top-quality brands like Life Fitness, Technogym, and Magnum that have been proven by thousands of people across America – don't miss out on getting one today!

Chat With Our Gym Experts – Discover Which Shoulder Press Machine Is Best For You!

Unlike free weights, users can load as much weight on each side as they like, safely. It helps prevent injuries!

And unlike traditional barbells, there's no need to buy extra weights because each machine has its built-in weight stack with preset weights ranging from 5 lbs to 150 lbs per arm! Plus, our shoulder press machines are affordable!

These used shoulder press machines are the more efficient way to train shoulders. With this innovative piece of equipment, users can do just about every variation of the classic dumbbell or barbell shoulder press with ease and comfort.

Benefits of Selectorized Shoulder Press Machines

  • Versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises
  • Different weight selections based on body shape, strength level, and fitness goals
  • More precise control with movement due to predictable machine motion
  • Increased range-of-motion
  • Wider arc of movement in both pressing and pulling directions
  • Reduction in risk of injury
  • Offset bad form during heavy lifts by using correct positioning
  • No need for a spotter 
  • Avoid accidents such as users dropping a heavy dumbbell or barbell on themselves
  • Most effective shoulder muscle development
  • Strengthens and defines shoulder muscles
  • Safe, effective, great results!

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