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Today’s frequently asked question is Treadmill or Elliptical? Which one would you recommend me to purchase. I usually ask the following questions to my clients.

  1. Do you have any knee, ankle or lower back problems?
  2. How many people are planning to use the cardio machine?
  3. Where in the house are you planning to put the product? Bedroom, garage? This question will allow me to decide which manufacturer we can choose to put in the space provided.
  4. How athletic are you and the people that will be using the cardio machine?
  5. And finally, what do you like to do for a cardio workout?

Do you have any knee, ankle or lower back problems?

If you suffer of any of the following then the Elliptical is the way to go. The elliptical concept is to reduce the pounding from your foot pounding onto the deck. Your foot never leaves the platform. On the elliptical you tend to push from your thigh and from your toes.

No pounding.

Always keep in mind your knee should never pass your foot so therefore choosing the right elliptical manufacturer because each manufacturer is different that’s the key in choosing the right elliptical. The elliptical is a difficult workout for the person that is non-athletic you are essentially the motor so therefore it can kick your butt.

If you do not suffer of any of the following then I would choose a treadmill. I feel the treadmill allows you to adjust to the day that you’re having. If you are having a good day you have the ability to run. If you do not feel that well – then you can simply walk. If you feel OK you can walk in incline.

The variety of walking and running is what I like about the Treadmill being in your home.

Rear Drive Elliptical
 Rear Drive Elliptical

How many people are planning to use the cardio machine?

If more than one person is using the cardio machine, then we have to ask their athletic abilities or what they are trying to achieve and what ages will be using the machine. I believe when more than one person is using the cardio machine for the house then I would recommend a Treadmill.

Now there has been a lot of people that have said when they go to the gym they only use an elliptical for one hour a day, five days a week then that’s easy. If they are disciplined and know what they want, then we put them into the right elliptical based on their needs.

Some ellipticals has a variety of strides but it’s still the same motion and because a few people are planning to use the cardio machine each person stride length is a little different. Maybe the male of the house has a longer stride then the daughter.

Therefore, the daughter may not like the stride of the elliptical and probably she won’t use it. The Treadmill allows everyone to walk the way they want to walk or run the way they want to run always remember we all have different stride from one another.

We always stress comfort and variety are the keys to bringing in the proper Commercial Fitness equipment into your home.

Where in the house are you planning to put the product?

Is tied into question number four. One of the main reasons why I ask where you are putting the cardio machine is because the treadmill could make a lot of noise. The motor tends to sound a lot louder in your home than in the gym because at the gym you have music in the background lots of people and other machines going on at the same time.

Also, when you’re running you are pounding on that deck and it is loud, therefore if the only space you have is in your living room or Den then I would recommend an elliptical. The elliptical doesn’t make much noise at all which is great if you were putting it in one of those rooms.

The second part to this question is Space. These machines are roughly 7 feet long roughly the size of a loveseat. The treadmill is bulkier than the elliptical. A lot of times the treadmill will fit better in a garage or open room.

Today’s manufacturers are producing beautiful product I’m going to go as far as to say “sexy” cardio machines. Some of the treadmills are so pretty that they will not take away from the room and be an eye soar. This is important because this is your home and you don’t want to create attention to the cardio machine and almost blends into the home.

The manufacture of today all have a different style to their product which means different sizes. You have a Front Drive Elliptical which is usually smaller footprint which are fantastic.

You have a Rear Drive Elliptical you’re older style more common elliptical. You have different style Treadmill’s as well. The space that you have in your home really does make a difference of choosing between the two Treadmill or Elliptical. Very important when thinking about bringing home a cardio peace.

Front Drive Elliptical
 Front Drive Elliptical

How athletic are you and the people that will be using the cardio machine?

Is important as well because depending on your athletic abilities that will allow was to choose the right function of cardio machine for you. I find the front drive elliptical to be a more difficult work out then the rear drive again that’s just me. I feel I get winded faster when using a front drive.

I also feel that my back is straight and I don’t feel like I’m lunging forward when I would use a rear drive. If you are not that athletic and maybe trying to lose some weight then a treadmill would be more ideal for you. If you are very athletic then a treadmill as well simply because you can run do sprints or run in an incline. I recommend an elliptical only when you have the following issues from the first question.

What do you like to do for a cardio workout?

The question is why are you bringing home a commercial cardio peace. Is it because going to the gym takes too much time. Is it because you love to go to the gym but only have time to do strength and cardio. Is it because you only like to do cardio in the morning and don’t have time to get to the gym.

There are many different reasons to bring home a commercial cardio piece of equipment into your home. So, I recommend comfort and variety so therefore I choose a treadmill. There are treadmills that have flex decks that allow to reduce the pounding. And I do like the fact that I can walk run sprint walk on an incline or run an incline. I am not saying that purchasing an elliptical for your home is a bad idea.

When visiting our show room, we try different manufacturers different movements until we find the right cardio machine for your home.

Thank you, good luck please write me, if you have any questions.

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