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Getting the advantage of walking and running from the coziness of the indoors has never been easier with treadmills. This equipment will help improve your cardio workout. Treadmills are very popular and come with a lot of benefits.

So how much do treadmills cost? We will be taking an extensive look at the cost of a treadmill and the different factors that influence it.

Treadmill Definition

What Is A Treadmill?

A treadmill is a piece of fitness equipment that allows you to walk or run on a spot. This equipment would help you to achieve your fitness goals as it comes with various features and workout programs.

What Are The Different Factors That Influence The Price Of A Treadmill?

These are some of the factors that can determine the cost of a treadmill.


If you are looking to get a treadmill from a well-renowned brand, then it would come at a slightly higher price than buying from less-known brands.


There are different features that can impact the price of your treadmill, which include stronger motors, the ability to reach top speeds and other things.

Motor Power

Purchasing a treadmill with a more powerful motor will cost you more in comparison to one with a weaker motor.


The quality of your treadmill will come into play and affect how you enjoy your workouts, even in the long run. A decent treadmill cost is around $1000, so you can work your budget around that.

Incline And Decline Capability

There are treadmills that come with the incline option if you wish to vary your workout. Some models also have decline options which you can set to your preference.

Speed Options

The max speed of the machine also comes into play when it comes to treadmill cost. The top speed of a treadmill can af

Available Workout Programs

A treadmill that does not come with a lot of exercise programs will not be as expensive as models that come with lots of programs like heart rate training or hill climbs.

Size And Durability

Treadmills come in different sizes and some tend to be more robust than others. A treadmill with a larger running surface and the ability to withstand use on a daily basis will cost more than less sturdy models.

Maximum Weight Capacity

You should choose a treadmill that is able to handle your weight and size. If you need a treadmill with a significant maximum weight capacity, then you should expect to spend more.


A treadmill that comes with a variety of convenient features like in-built fans or quick-start buttons will be a more expensive model than one that only has basic features.

Sales And Promotions

You can take advantage of promotions and sales to get your treadmill at a lower cost than usual.

Market Demand

How much people demand for treadmills can increase the price of the equipment, especially if the supply is low.

Type Of Treadmill

Treadmills come in various types and as such they have different prices. We will be taking a more extensive look at the different types of treadmills below.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Treadmill?

What Is The Average Cost Of A Treadmill?

To answer the question “How much does a treadmill cost”, we need to look at the different levels of treadmills.

Entry-Level Treadmills

The entry-level treadmill is the cheapest of the bunch. They are not really the sturdiest, but still well-equipped to do the job.


  • New: $300 to $800
  • Used: $150 to $500


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and use


  • Does not have too many features

Mid-Range Treadmills

The mid-range treadmill is one that offers you the perfect balance of quality, features, and price. This is usually the best option for most people.


  • New: $1,000 to $3,000
  • Used: $500 to $2,000


  • Variety of features
  • A great option for most athletes


  • Limited capacity

High-End Treadmill

This is the range where you would be spending a lot, but you will also get superb performance and have a great time with a high-end treadmill.


  • New: $3,000 to $10,000
  • Used: $2,000 to $6,000


  • Comes with a lot of features
  • Very powerful and durable


  • Quite expensive

What Is The Average Cost Of Different Types Of Treadmills?

What Is The Average Cost Of Different Types Of Treadmills?

These are the different types of treadmills available and how much they cost on average.

Motorized Treadmills

This is a type of treadmill that comes with a motor to power the belt. It is usually more costly than a manual treadmill but comes with different exercise programs and features.


  • New: $700 to $5,000
  • Used: $500 to $3,000

Under-desk Treadmills

The under-desk treadmill is quite compact and can be placed under a standing desk, which allows you to work out while you work. They usually come with a lower max speed.


  • New: $400 to $1,500
  • Used: $200 to $1,000

Foldable Treadmills

A foldable treadmill sometimes called a folding treadmill, is one that comes with a mechanism that allows you to fold the machine and store it easily. It is great for runners that don’t have enough space.


  • New: $300 to $3,000
  • Used: $200 to $1,500

Manual Treadmills

A manual treadmill is one that does not come with a motor and would require the effort of the user to operate. It is ideal for low-intensity exercise and is usually less expensive than the motorized models.


  • New: $150 to $600
  • Used: $100 to $300

Electronic Treadmill

Electronic treadmills are a special class of motorized treadmills that run with the help of an electric motor. They usually come with a variety of settings and features that allow you to customize your workouts to suit your goals.


  • New: $500 to $5,000
  • Used: $300 to $3,000

Home Use Treadmill

These treadmills are great for use in your house. They are compact and can typically fit into a corner of your home. You have the liberty of choosing a treadmill that is well-designed for your home.


  • New: $500 to $2,000
  • Used: $300 to $1,500

Gym Quality Treadmill

Gym-quality treadmills are designed to be used in commercial fitness facilities like health clubs and gyms. These machines come with robust capabilities and features and are made to withstand heavy use.


  • New: $2,000 to $10,000
  • Used: $800 to $8,000

What Are The Additional Costs Of A Treadmill?

When you ask “How much does a treadmill cost”, you should also not forget the extra costs that come with owning one.

Maintenance and repairs

You are expected to perform routine maintenance on your treadmill like dusting the machine or lubricating the treadmill belt. Also, in the case of serious damage, you might need to call a professional for repairs.


Based on your treadmill’s features, you might want to buy more accessories like a fan, a mat, or even a heart rate monitor.


If you own an electric treadmill, then you need to keep in mind that it would consume energy every time you decide to use it. So, it could add some extra expenses to your utility bill.

Delivery & Assembly

If you bought your treadmill from an online store, then you would need to pay for it to get delivered to you. You might also need to pay for the installation of the machine.


Some treadmills come with a warranty that covers the cost of replacements or repairs for a specific time. You can also choose to purchase an extended warranty.

Subscription Services

Subscription services where you are required to subscribe to custom workout programs or virtual classes can be found on some treadmills, which increases the total cost.

How Much Should You Spend On A Treadmill?

How Much Should You Spend On A Treadmill?

  • Budget: There are budget-friendly treadmills out there, so it is highly recommended not to exceed your set out budget. You can also utilize special deals if you want to save money.
  • Goals: Based on what you wish to achieve, you can select a treadmill from any of the price range categories.
  • Intensive use: You should consider how many people will be using the machine and how often before you make your purchase. If it is going to be used frequently, then you should go for a robust model.
  • Features: If you are looking for a treadmill that has other features added to the basic ones available, then you should budget about
  • Commercial vs Home Use: If you need a treadmill for commercial use, then you should go for the high-end treadmills because they are more equipped to withstand heavy usage. You can go for budget treadmills if you need one for your home gym.


There are a lot of treadmill options available on the market and each of them comes with different prices. There are expensive treadmills and also inexpensive treadmills, so, based on your budget and needs, you can select any quality treadmill but you should be sure to spend a few hundred dollars.


1. Why Is A Treadmill So Costly?

A treadmill is a great machine with many key features that help to ensure you get a great workout session and this is why the price can be on the high side.

2. Why Do Treadmill Prices Vary So Much?

Treadmills have different price categories is because there are many factors that influence the price. For example, a new treadmill will cost more than a used one. Also, treadmills with more features tend to be more expensive.

3. Are Cheap Treadmills Worth It?

Cheaper treadmills will offer you good value for your money, however, whether it is worth it depends on your personal preferences and needs. An inexpensive model can be an awesome treadmill if you are setting up your home gym for just your daily workout.

4. What’s The Difference Between A Cheap Treadmill And An Expensive Treadmill?

Most of the time the main difference between a cheap treadmill and its expensive counterpart is the availability of high-end features.

5. What Is A Good Amount To Spend On A Quality Treadmill?

If you are looking to get a quality treadmill, then the average price will be at least $1,000. Many treadmills in this range will come with powerful motors and features.

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