Split Squat Stand, 893 Adjustable bench


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ntroducing our premium Gymleco Split Squat Stand. Do you have many gym members that train bulgarian splits? Do they take up space on the gym benches? Invest in our single leg squat stand that lets your members train bulgarian split in an ergonomic way

Usually the gym benches can be too low or too high depending on who’s exercising. With the split squat rack you get a piece of gym equipment that has an easy setting to higher or lower the stand. This makes sure that all your gym members can do their split squats in the best possible way and get more out of their training.

Since our bulgarian bench is compact in size you can easily fit it into the gym. Without having to move your other gym machines. The adjustable split squat stand is sturdy. Which means that you don’t have to worry about your gym members and they can train heavy.

This one foot split squat stand is optimal for leg training and as a variation to lunges. It trains a lot of muscles in the legs. With the highest focus on quads and glutes. The comfortable leather cushion makes sure that your gym members can easily rest the back leg on the bulgarian rack. This makes them perform better. Since they can focus on the exercise in the optimal position for the body.

To increase the weight invest in high quality dumbbells for your gym or barbells with the weight plates that suits your gym environment

How to use the bulgarian split squat stand


  1. Stand with your back to the stand.
  2. Place one foot on the comfortable leather pad and the other firmly on the floor so that the foot is placed in front of the knee.
  3. Lower yourself down to the floor in a controlled manner so that the knee of the back leg is lowered to the floor.
  4. Raise yourself back to the starting position and repeat on both legs.
Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Weight Stack   LBS  kg
Dimensions 25” L x 23” D x 18”H 63 cm L x  59cm D x 46 cm H
Net Weight  38.58Lbs.  17.5 kg



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