Gymleco 062 Standing Abductor, Plate Loaded


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The Gymleco Standing Abductor in a Plate Loaded version! This standing glute and hip-focused gym machine provides a constant resistance throughout the movement. It ensures an effective exercise on the correct muscles. One of the popular gym machines from Gymleco! This one will be a fantastic addition to your gym. 

The Standing Abductor Plate Loaded

Standing Abductor, one of Gymleco’s most popular leg machines has now come in a plate loaded version! The Standing Abductor targets the glutes and hip abductor muscles. The muscles are located on the outside of the hips, making this exercise great for strength and stability in the hip muscles when walking and running. The resistance in this standing gym machine changes during the movement with lighter resistance at the end which enables a correct and long movement. 

The leg machine has no settings, which means it is intuitive and easy for anyone to use. Just load up with weight plates, stand on the footplates with your legs against the pads, take a steady grip the rubberized handles, bend your legs, push your legs out in a controlled manner and bring them slowly back to starting position.

The foot plates in the machine are tilted backwards, which increases the focus on training the gluteus muscles. The gym machine is compact and extremely space-efficient, which means you can easily add it in your current gym. Without weights, it is also easy to move and comes completely assembled, making it easy for you to install and start using the machine.

For many years people at the gym has been creative in their workouts. The idea for this machine was born when gym members started standing back and forth on Gymleco’s abductor machine. This machine was therefore born from the minds of the users and have been a succes ever since. 

Special features

The machine has no settings. That makes it simple for anyone to use it at the gym. The handles are in comfortable and gripfriendly rubber and the footplates are designed to offer safety and stability. Gymleco machines are always designed in a compact design which gives you more space to other gym equipment. Size really matters, right?

  • Foot plates are angled upwards – gives better effect for the glutes
  • The machine is for commercial use and withstand heavy strength training
  • Easier weight at the end of the movement
  • No details behind that you can fall on. Therefore it’s safe and easy to get in and out of the machine.
  • Cushion color: Black/red
Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Dimensions 55.” L x 53.” W x 21.” H 142 cm L x 137  cm W x 54 cm H
Net Weight N. W. 198.4 Lbs. 90 kg

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