Legend Leveredge Unilateral Converging Vertical Wide Chest Press


The Legend Seated Unilateral Chest Press, akin to the Flat Unilateral Chest Press, targets lower and mid pectoral muscles for optimal strength and muscle growth. Unlike the flat version, the upright position offers a smaller footprint and easier access. It accommodates up to 9 plates per side, ensuring even heavy lifters can push to failure without running out of weight. Its unilateral and converging arm movement resembles dumbbell exercises, preventing dominance of one side. The converging movement mimics bringing hands together at the top of the press. Safety is paramount, as users won’t need spotters and won’t risk dropping weights or overextending the shoulder joint due to unlimited motion range.

Built with the same overbuilt standards as other Legend Fitness equipment, the LeverEdge line uses strong 11-gauge steel, fully welded except for seven heavy-grade bolts. Industrial-grade pillow block bearings ensure smooth pressing action. The seat padding is ultra-dense with a density rating of 8 lbs. per square foot. For those seeking to build a massive chest with the feel of free weights while enjoying the benefits of a machine, Legend LeverEdge equipment is a top choice

Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
User 69″ L x 46″ W x 63″ H 175 cm L x 117 cm W x 160 cm H
Weight 450 lbs 204 kg

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