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Hip Press with a natural movement that activates front of the thigh. This leg machine is a big favorite among customers worldwide and it’s because it hits right! The movement is smooth, natural and the connection on the thigh feels maximized.

More about Hip Press

This Hip Press machine is designed with a large footplate and a natural movement that activates front of the thigh in the best way. It looks and feels much like a leg press but hits different. The movement reduce sheering forces on the knees and offer a safe and effective alternative to free weight squatting. This piece has become a staple on leg days for customers all around the world. Truly a must-have gym machine at every gym!

Special features

Firstly, Gymleco’s unique lever with optimal biomechanics gives the right load distribution throughout the whole movement. Secondly, the machine has a smooth, correct angled movement and no settings. It makes this machine easy to use for everyone.  Whether you are a beginner or have been training for a long time.

In addition, the Hip Press is designed in a compact design so that you don’t need to compromise with your floor space at the gym. Therefore you can fit more machines at the surface. It’s equipped with a large foot plate for different configurations and a stable seat and back support. The footplate is made of high quality wooden.

Gymleco’s machines are always designed for commercial use. This makes them resist heavy strength training year after year, and this leg machine is not an exception.

  • Cushion color: Black/red
Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Weight Stack  lBS  kg
Dimensions 89” L x 48” W x 55”H  226 cm L x 120  cm W x 138 cm H
Net Weight  226.60 Lbs. 130. kg



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