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The Incline Pec Fly is one of the most popular chest machines from our assortment. Why? Thanks to it’s unique features such the 3 different angles to train the chest. You also have the split back cushions to make the workouts both effective and ergonomic. We are sure you’re gonna love it!

More about Incline Pec Fly

Incline Pec Fly from Gymleco is one of the most popular chest machines in our assortment and we will explain why. First of all, machine is designed with an adjustable back with split cushions allowing you to fully get your chest up for the movement. You have the individually loaded weight arms that equally share the load equally between the left and right chest muscles. The movement is smooth and nice giving you an incredible chest training. The machine suits all gym environments thanks to the high quality materials that outstand heavy strength training year after year. Try it once and you will fall in love!

Special features

The Incline Pec Fly machine has back cushions that are devided and angled sideways. Basically, this makes your back lean against the naturally outward-angled cushions, which makes the shoulders move naturally during the whole movement. Additionally, you have the opportunity to choose the angle from 3 different positions. From neutral, 15% decline or 15% incline. 

  • Plate loaded model
  • 3 different back angles to choose from
  • Devided back cushions for a more ergonomical movement
  • Individually loaded weight arms
  • Cushion color: Black/red
Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Dimensions 63” L x 65” W x 35.4” H 160 cm L x 165 cm W x 90 cm H
Net Weight N. W. 220.5 Lbs. 100 kg


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