Cybex Eagle Seated Calf



Cybex Eagle selectorized strength line is the evolution of superior technology combined with a passion for fitness. There is no comparable strength line in the industry – Eagle is beyond the other’s best. Starting with exhaustive research in human biomechanics and applying the Cybex heritage in sports medicine, Eagle is the ultimate way to “faster fitness results”. Seated – not standing – lessens spinal compression. the unique seated user position of Cybex eagle Calf machine directs force through hip rather than the shoulders which minimizes spinal compression. The Cybex four-bar linkage provides an optimal descending path of motion and keeps the foot level to the ground, training the calf precisely as the muscle is used, moving the way nature intended. The Eagle Calf foot plate position trains the midfoot to accept load. y strengthening the midfoot, the calf muscle is better able to be engaged for a greater training effect. The large platform allows for varied foot placement while the non slip surface provides grip and support during the motion. An adjustable seat positions accommodates a variety user heights and range of motion.

Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Dimensions 66″ L x 41″ W x 58″ H 168 cm L x 104 cm W x 147 cm H
Net Weight N. W. 405 lbs 184 kg



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