Gymleco 032 Upright Row



Upright Row is a perfect gym machine if you’re looking to build strength in delts, rear delts, arms and shoulders. The exercise is done in a standing position and has an amazing movement path to target the muscles. Move forward or backwards in your position and bend your upper body forward to find a comfortable position. With the different configurations you can train the trapezius, shoulders and upper back.

Special features

The machine is designed with a big foot plate which makes it easy for you to find your favorite position. Gymleco’s unique lever with optimal biomechanics gives the right load distribution throughout the movement. The machine design is, as always in Gymleco machines, with a small footprint. This so that you as gym owner can optimize your surface and fit more equipment on the floor.

More details

  • Plate loaded machine
  • Large footplate
  • Balanced lever
  • Rubberized handle
  • 2 weight hangers included
Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Weight Stack LBS  kg
Dimensions 47” L x 55” W x 37”H 120 cm L x 140 cm W x 94 cm H
Net Weight  203.93Lbs.  92.5 kg


Additional information



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