Gymleco 013 Iso Lateral High Row



Gymleco’s Iso Lateral High Row machine is an effective back machine with a long movement motion that rotates the entire scapula. The exercise targets many of the deep muscles in the shoulders, back and lats. Thanks to the ergonomically placed handles and lever angles, the machine is easy on the wrists, elbows and shoulder joints. It reduces the load on the joints by 40% – increcible right?

This gym machine is used by all kind of trainers, both new beginners and athletes. It is easy to understand and use for everyone. Therefore it’s a great choice for all kind of gyms, regardless of your target group.

Special features

As always the Gymleco machines are designed in a compact design so that you easily can place it the gym and optimize your surface. Additionally they’re designed in high quality materials, so that they can resist heavy strength training year after year. This gives you less headache and service calls because of maintenance. After all, that is one of the most important factors for gym owners.

  • Individual arms
  • Adjustable seat cushion
  • Reduces the load on joints by 40%
  • Adjustable seat and knee pad
  • Targets back, shoulders and lats
  • 2 weight hangers included
    Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
    Weight Stack  LBS  kg
    Dimensions 63” L x 43” W x 68”H 160 cm L x 110 cm W x 198cm H
    Net Weight  334.96 Lbs. 152 kg


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