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When you think of toning your body, what machines should you look for? Sure, weight benches are good, but they don’t work your lower body. Exercise bikes are great, but your upper body gets overlooked.

So, you must be wondering about the best machines to incorporate into your home gym that will give you a full-body workout session.

In this article, we look at some of the best machines. We also list key factors for consideration when picking the best exercise machine for toning whole body to ensure you get a total body workout.

Which Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Exercise Machine For Full Body Toning?

Before we look into the different gym equipment and exercises, you need to know how to select exercise machines that will suit you. So, these are the top factors to consider when choosing exercise machines to ensure that your workouts incorporate the full range of movement.

Workout Purpose

The goals you hope to achieve by working out should be the first things on your mind when choosing an exercise machine. Your workout and gym equipment should be based on your fitness goals, whether toning muscles or weight loss.

For example, do you wish to tone your entire body and lose weight? Then exercise bikes might be the answer. They have options that let them function as workout machines and cardio machines.

Are you more interested in strength training and weight training? Then you might want to go for a rowing machine as they are better at targeting the major muscle groups, including the legs (glutes), lats, and biceps (arms).


Full-body workout machines deliver many benefits, including better overall health and strengthening of muscles. However, they can be expensive for a home gym. While there are expensive options, you will also find some cost-effective ones. It is vital to know that buying a full-body workout machine is better than buying individual pieces of exercise equipment.

So, your budget will determine the products you can buy and the ones you can’t. However, this should not limit your exercise experience. Gather enough information based on your needs and choose the exercise machine that works best for you.

Cardio Apparatus

When buying cardio machines, you must be sure of your cardiovascular health. Your cardio fitness level is a key factor in the type of equipment you should choose because your lungs, heart rate, and other things need to be in top shape.

Bodyweight Resistance

Do you want to engage in bodyweight resistance training? Then choose machines that incorporate multiple joint movements. Weight machines are great, but there are a lot of benefits to exercising with your body weight.

You could also add water bottles, bricks, rubber exercise tubing, and dumbbells for extra resistance.

Which Are The Best Exercise Machines And Equipment To Tone Your Whole Body?

Which Are The Best Exercise Machines And Equipment To Tone Your Whole Body

These are some of the best exercise machines to keep track of if you want to focus on toning your whole body. They also let you move at your own pace.

Multi Gym

The multi-gym unit is a piece of equipment that aims to fit as much movement as possible in one machine. While you cannot perform all exercises simultaneously, you can definitely do them on the same machine.

So, you don’t have to keep moving from one machine to another if you are looking to change your workout. The best exercises you can perform on a multi-gym unit include rowing, pull-downs, kneeling shoulder press, single-arm crossovers, and negative rep chest press.


  • It has a lot of versatility
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance


  • Limited weight

Price: Expect to pay from $2500 to $30000 for a Multi gym.


Treadmills are machines that allow you to get the benefits of walking in the comfort of your home. Some models provide a less joint-jarring, flexible surface.

You should be able to adjust the speed and intensity to allow you to walk any distance at your own pace. Some models allow you to adjust the angle of incline as you walk.


  • It can help you simulate race environments
  • It is easier on your joints and helpful in avoiding injuries


  • Not all your muscles get a workout

Price: $1000 to $2500

Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer Elliptical trainers are ideal for people that like exercising while standing. These relatively compact machines give you the liberty to perform stationary cardio exercises.

Holding the motion handles can help work your upper body muscles, while striding will do the same for your lower body. You can adjust the resistance and time to vary your workout.


  • It is great for cardiovascular health, conditioning and endurance
  • Safe and low impact


  • It is expensive

Price: $500 to $11000

Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike


Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are among the most popular home gym exercise equipment options. A stationary bike provides a comfortable and efficient workout routine. It’s excellent for toning the body, weight loss, and overall health.

Adjust it properly, and it can help you lose weight quickly, strengthen your heart, and build lean muscles as you work your whole body. It can be adjusted to match your fitness goals and body type.


  • They are very safe to use
  • You can choose from a variety of fitness programs


  • It sometimes allows cheating

Price: Most stationary exercise bikes range from $200 to $2000

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

A rower is a quality machine that helps you build muscle and supercharges your conditioning. When it comes to efficiency, it is one of the best exercise equipment options out there, and you gain athletic and functional strength from a rowing machine.

Rowing is straightforward, but you can try out different exercise programs like alternating between a period of hard rowing followed by another period of slow rowing.


  • It engages both your lower and upper body
  • It is excellent for cardio
  • It is a low-impact workout that helps you burn calories


  • It can take a toll on your lower back.

Price: $150 to $3000

Indoor Air Bike

The air bike is a great piece of equipment that combines both the movement of your arms and legs as you work out. It is ideal for people who like cycling and want to get the full thrill from their homes. It offers a comprehensive full-body workout, as it involves moving your arms by pumping the handlebars and your legs for the cycling motion. There is a fan on the bike that generates wind resistance as you train.


  • It is excellent for recovery
  • It boosts your cardio capacity


  • It is not portable and cannot be folded

Price: $500 to $1500

Cross Trainer

Cross Trainer

This piece of low-impact gym equipment copies the movement of cross-country skiing. It’s ideal for people who cannot keep up with jogging and running or those faced with lower-body injuries. The cross trainer is the best machine for you if you don’t fancy the treadmill or have injuries but still want to lose weight.


  • It is an outstanding form of cardio for the upper body
  • It is safe and excellent for conditioning and endurance


  • It is quite expensive

Price: $700 to $1500



Dumbbells are great for strength training, and they improve your endurance. They have a high level of versatility and are also cost-effective. With that said, they are also harder to use than weight-training machines. You should consult your physician before you change your routine or start a new one. Exercise routines to perform with dumbbells include lat raises, overhead press, goblet squat, and bicep curls.


  • Versatile workouts
  • Cheap and portable


  • Lifting heavy might be dangerous if there’s nobody to spot you

Price: Typical dumbbells for sale cost around $2-3 per pound

Free Weights

Free Weights

Free weights are equipment like barbells and dumbbells that force you to use more than one targeted muscle group.

Free weights help tone your whole body as they don’t just isolate a particular muscle. You can also work them from different angles.

Keeping the correct form is ideal for building muscles. You can perform bench press, chest fly, rhomboid pulls, and many more movements with a straight bar and free weights.


  • You can perform a wide range of movements
  • Each exercise can be adjusted to fit your needs


  • There is a higher risk of injury if you don’t know how to execute the different exercises properly

Price: Around $4 per pound.

Smith Machine

Smith Machine

The smith machine uses a straight bar attached to a pulley system for moving the weight. This is unlike a free-weight machine where you can disconnect the bar from the rack and move it independently.

Thanks to its limited range of motion, you can perform your exercises while maintaining perfect form. You can use this machine for deadlifts, bicep curls, bench presses, and squats.


  • It isolates your muscle groups
  • There is a reduced risk of injury


  • The fixed range of motion might make it uncomfortable

Price: $800 to $1800

Stack Machine

Stack machines are those you see that utilize a series of levers, pulleys, and wheels to provide the needed resistance and exercise intensity. They include the chest press machine, leg press machine, and many more.

You can adjust the stack of weights on this machine to help you lift comfortably based on your fitness level. Exercises you can do include chest press, leg press, and bicep curls.


  • It lowers the risk of injury
  • It targets specific muscles
  • It is not difficult to use


  • You might not properly strengthen your stabilizer muscles

Price: $500 to $1500

Cable Crossover Machine

Cable Crossover Machine

This is quite a bulky machine with a simple T shape and is very tall. Its main feature is double cable setups with pulleys that have handles. These allow you to pull in a diagonal, up, or down manner.

It is a piece of equipment loved by many trainers as it can effectively work the entire body.

Some of the best cable exercises on this machine include wood chop, kneeling lat pulldown, chest fly, standing kickback, and cable squat.


  • It is constantly working your core
  • It can be customized
  • It is a bit safer


  • It is not great for power and speed work

Price: Most cable crossover machines cost from $500 to $1700

Climbing Machine

Climbing Machine

The climbing machine is a high-calorie output machine that could enhance your overall health.

These machines help you burn lots of calories, are easy to use, and are inexpensive. They are great for performing anaerobic and aerobic exercises.


  • They help in losing fat
  • Reduces stress and promotes better health


  • It can wear you out fast

Price: $300 to $1500



Consider getting a kettlebell if you can’t spare much space in your home gym. It is a compact tool ideal for strengthening your muscles and improving balance and coordination.

Depending on the size and weight of the kettlebell, it can be used in various ways, for short or long intervals.

Some simple kettlebell exercises you can perform in minimal space include split stance single-arm rows, wide squats with front raise, and kettlebell swings.


  • It increases your functional strength
  • It improves your grip strength
  • It strengthens your posterior chain


  • They don’t come in small size increments

Price: You can get kettlebells from $20 to $300

Bonus: Bodyweight Exercises

If you don’t have the liberty to own an exercise machine like the chest press machine, it does not mean you should stay idle at home. Your body is one of the best exercise machines you can have. Some of the best bodyweight exercises you can do include push-ups and triceps dips for the chest and shoulders. Also, jump squats, burpees, step-ups, and mountain climbers.

What Is The Best Exercise To Tone the Body?

No single exercise can claim to be the best to tone your body. You need various exercises that give you both a lower-body and upper-body workout. You can incorporate exercises like the chest press, squats, push-ups, and dumbbell rows to tone your whole body.

How Do I Know What Machine Is Right For Me?

You should consider certain things before searching and picking any exercise machine for a home gym. These include:

  • How often you will use the exercise machine. You don’t want to spend money on something you rarely utilize.
  • The purpose of the equipment. You need to focus on the aim of buying the machine and how it will help you progress in your fitness journey.
  • Some equipment can be challenging to use, so you must be sure you feel comfortable using it.
  • You also have to ensure enough space in your home for the equipment.


Getting the best exercise machine for toning whole body allows you to exercise from the comfort of your home gym. Choose the correct one, and it will be effective in helping you with your goals. While there are plenty of options, your goals affect your ultimate choice.

Major things to keep in mind include workout purpose and budget. But you should also look for a piece of equipment with enough versatility as it will be helpful in your fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Exercise Machine Has The Most Impact On Toning Body Muscles?

The rowing machine is one piece of equipment that targets the major muscle groups in your body all at once. Rowing requires the use of calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, back muscles, chest, triceps, biceps, and shoulders. Ensure that you learn proper form before you row to avoid injury and get all the benefits. Start with a low level of resistance and increase as you get stronger and fitter.

What Is The Fastest Way To Tone My Body? 

If you are looking for the fastest toning exercise machines or activities to tone your whole body, consider jumping rope, swimming, running, or cardio kickboxing. These are intense workouts and develop general fitness and your core as well as other muscle groups. A rowing machine, stair-climber, and elliptical are also good options. These are all beneficial because while you are toning your core, legs, and arms, you also burn calories and lose body fat.

How long Does It Take To Tone Your Body? 

With weight, strength, cardio, and resistance training, accompanied by good eating (balanced diet), expect to see results of toning your body in 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the consistency and resistance intensity of your fitness workouts.

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