Gymleco 144 Sissy Squat


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This is a very popular and traditional gym equipment from Gymleco. The Sissy Squat has a smooth and stable design and takes little space. It’s adjustable in height and in depth. Advantageously used in functional training.

More about the Sissy Squat

Sissy squats primarily strengthen the quadriceps and also work the hip flexors, core strength and can improve balance. With a sissy squat machine, you’re able to lean back securely without fear of falling over or disrupting your posture. Sissy squats are an old-school bodybuilding quad isolation exercise popularized decades ago by the legend himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Can be attached to the floor
  • Adjustable in height.
  • Lowest height 420 mm
  • Cushion Color: Black/red
Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Dimensions 30” x 25’’ x 22’’ 77 cm L x 64 cm W x 57 cm H
Net Weight 61 Lbs. 27.5 kg

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