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The optimal chest machine for all serious gyms! This machine is one of the most popular chest machines to have in the gym. It gives you an effective workout on the lower part of your chest muscles thanks to the well thought out design and movement. This machine is probably the most compact plate loaded Decline Press on the market. Additionally, it has an adjustable back.

Decline Chest Press is one of the most common gym machines to have in the gym. The reason is that it gives you an effective workout on the lower part of your chest muscles. While the standard flat press also gives you a significant chest workout, the decline version specifically activates the lower pectoral muscles.
Gymleco’s Decline Chest Press is well thought out in its design and movement. To make sure that you have a safe, ergonomic training that effectively hits the right muscles. The machine has a correct load curve with increasing load towards the end of the movement (when having straight arms). Effective resistance meaning that the weight that is loaded on the tubes is the same on the handles at the end of the movement. In other words, you get as much resistance weight as you actually load with the weights as possible. This is a unique feature that differs Gymleco’s machine from most others on the market.
The grip angle combined with the fact that the movement pattern makes it very gentle on the shoulders. People who find it difficult for the shoulder to bench press with a regular bar, have no problems with the movement in this machine.
The machine is a plate loaded version which means that you load the machine with weight plates, instead of a built-in weight stack. The machine is a great addition to Gymleco’s other chest machines; Seated Chest PressIncline Bench Press and Standing Chest Press and an optimal choice to every serious gym.


Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Weight Stack  LBS  kg
Dimensions 49” D x 57” W x 62”H   125 cm D x 144  cm W x 158 cm H
Net Weight   264.53 Lbs.


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