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Getting the perfect abs doesn’t happen overnight; excess fat can be a lot to tackle, and going to the gym might just be what you need.

In case you’re wondering if dieting is enough to burn calories, tone your muscles and build abs, why not try a broader approach?

Fat loss in just one area of your body is impossible. but you can use gym equipment to build your muscles and develop a flat stomach.

Factors to consider when choosing exercise equipment for abs and losing love handles

There are various fitness equipment that can be used for ab workout and strength training, but you need to look out for certain factors if you intend on making the right fitness choice.

Fitness Level

Training with an ab machine way above your fitness strength will cause you more harm than good. Ab workouts should be done steadily and without rush.

For beginners who are still new on their fitness journey or strength training plan, using exercise machines that are easy on the muscles should be a priority.

When it comes to weight machines, there’s a fine line between beginner and advanced level. So, when selecting abs machines make sure it’s one you are comfortable using.

Size of the Equipment

Lots of abs machines tend to have bulky designs while some can be relatively small and user-friendly. There are a variety of things to put into consideration such as your habits and space.

Do you enjoy your core workouts while on the go? If so, then getting a portable machine would be the most effective for you. Do you have lots of space in your building? Then it is most recommended to pick a big machine.

Research has shown that you do not require an intense workout using ab machines to have an effective workout; with an equipment as little as an ab roller, you can engage your core muscles in effective ways.

Type of Exercise

If you intend to have an effective workout session, then you must get the right gym machines. Also, there are lots of exercise machines that come with versatile features that make you have zero need for a personal trainer.

If you don’t love doing situps, there’s no sense in getting an ab coaster, so make sure to get what’s suitable for your workout plan.

Engage in proper research, so you don’t end up buying a gym equipment that makes exercises harder.

Generally. you should place serious focus on your safety, so keep that in mind when looking to get a gym machine.


Why get two different machines when you can get one with both features?

Some abs machines are very versatile, meaning you get to perform different types of exercises with just one machine. For instance, exercise bikes have lots of features, and you’ll most likely end up using them for more than just cycling motion.

Durability & Reliability

Getting a gym machine that won’t even serve its purpose before packing up is frustrating. Investing in a good machine helps your workout sessions because you get to exercise at your desired intensity without fear of damaging it.

To ascertain the durability of a gym equipment, you need to test it before buying. You can decide to take the resistance bands for spins, or try out the ankle weights, and make sure it fits perfectly.

Check out the safety features as well, because your purchase depends on that too. Also, be sure that there’s a warranty policy, so you can always return it if it gets damaged within a year.


Getting a gym equipment isn’t always easy, as some can be really pricey. But does pricey equate to good quality? Not necessarily.

More often than usual, the priciest machines aren’t always the best, so you need to do your research on what customers are saying before making a purchase.

For instance, when getting a treadmill, go for one with a heavy-duty steel frame with adjustable resistance.

Ultimately, your choice of machine is dependent on your budget, as you cannot give what you don’t have. In that case, make sure that the money you are spending equates to the quality or even more.

There are cheap models of gym equipment that are very effective, so do your assignment and get one that fits your budget.

What are the best exercise machines for abs and love handles?

Incorporating ab machines into your abs workout is not only a way of shaping your core but also your entire body.

However, you don’t just hop on gym machines and expect to get rid of love handles, you need to be deliberate in what type of machine you engage in, and of course your exercise routine.

Here’s a list of gym machines you can use to lose fat and get a toned ab.

Cable Machine

Cable MachineFirst off, the cable machine isn’t as intimidating as it looks, it’s pretty easy to use. Plus, it’s one of the best gym equipment for abs and love handles.

The cable machine focuses on your core directly, and using this machine is one of the most effective ways of developing a toned tummy.

side planks with cable hold – How to do

This is an easy, yet challenging exercise that’s perfect for strengthening your core. To start, put a lightweight on the cable machine, and adjust the carriage to a low setting while placing yourself just a few feet away from the machine.

Hold the cable handle in your right hand, do a side plank in the direction of your left forearm, and hold the position for 45 seconds. The trick to getting this right is making sure you’re stacking your feet, extending your right arm to a T-shape, and bracing your core. Repeat this process for the other side.


  • It provides constant tension on the rectus abdominis
  • You can do a variety of ab exercises


  • It might isolate your muscles and make individual muscles weaker

Rowing Machine

Rowing MachineMost people assume the only advantage to rowing machines is how effective it’s on the back. Yes, it’s a back strengthening exercise, but it also works the abs in a good way. The trick to using a rowing machine is using it right.

knee tucks – how to do

Assume a push-up position by placing your feet on the rowing machine seat. Lift your hips into the air until it’s in a pike position together with your leg. Gently lower your back into starting position, or, you can bring your knees to your chest.


  • It’s a great way to burn calories and work your obliques
  • It provides a full body conditioning workout routine


  • It might put a toll on your lower back

Pull up Bar

When it comes to strength training, pull-up bars are extremely effective, because it requires core strength. It works for multiple muscle groups at the same time, while focusing more on your abs.


Hold your pull-up bar in a firm grip and raise your knees towards the left side of your torso (as close as possible), while bending your legs. Repeat same for the other side.


  • Regardless of the intensity, it works for multiple muscle groups


  • Puts too much strain on the shoulders

Incline Bench

Incline BenchLooking for the best gym equipment for abs and love handles? Then you should consider the incline weight bench. If you love sit-ups, you’ll definitely find this fun to use. It’ll not only strengthen your core but also help with toning your muscles.

Sit-ups – how to do

Carefully sit on the bench and bend your knees, and put your feet under for support as you lie back. Lift your upper body slowly and return back to starting position. Repeat the same process 20 times.


  • It targets the upper and lower pec muscles


  • Poor posture can cause injury and imbalance

Elliptical Machines

Cardio machines like the elliptical machine are for core exercises, so when next you see it at a gym, don’t look the other way.

Usually, advanced exercisers make the most out of it, but you can also work your ab using the elliptical even at a moderate intensity, and you’ll get to burn more calories than you thought.

Core workout – how to do

To work your core on the elliptical trainer, let go of the handles and do your thing. Not using the handles places more focus on other muscles, and the faster you go, the more overall body fat percentage you’ll burn.


  • It burns lots of calories
  • Excellent for cardiovascular and health conditioning
  • Great cardio machine for upper body


  • Extremely monotonous

Stair Climber

The calories burned using stair climbers is enough reason to not miss out on it in your next gym session. Getting rid of extra fat around your tummy requires you to work your abdominal muscles and one of the best gym equipment for that is the stair climber.

Killer cardio burn – how to do

This exercise will target not just your core muscles but your hamstrings, glutes and quads as well.

All you need to do is 6 reps of 60 seconds jogging up two stairs at a time. Keep doing this until you break some sweat, and that’s how you burn calories!


  • A great machine to lose fat and speed up heart rate
  • Perfect for strength training


  • Might worsen the condition for a person with an already hurt-back



Treadmills are probably the most used when it comes to abs workout because it burns the most calories, plus it works the lower body too. For this reason, it’s considered one of the best gym equipment for abs and love handles.

Incline push-ups – how to do

To work your chest and core, put your hands on the rail of the treadmill and your feet on the side panels. Fold your elbows and bend them so your chest is on a parallel level to the bars. Extend your arms so you can push back up to begin.


  • It’s easy on the joints and helps eliminate love handles
  • You can increase and decrease the intensity of your exercises


  • Treadmills can be boring

Captain’s Chair

Looking for a machine that can work your abdominals and speed up calories burned? Try exercising using the Captain’s chair.

Leg raises – How to do

This exercise keeps your obliques and midsection engaged. Position yourself in the captain’s chair and relax your shoulders.

Pull your left knee towards your abs, while tightening your abs. Don’t engage your other leg, leave it hanging. Repeat the same process on the other side. Keep going until you feel a burning sensation.


  • It targets the rectus abdominis and increases your fitness level
  • Efficient in losing and burning fat


  • Might cause injury if you don’t train with an accurate form

Ab Roller

Ab RollerIf you’ve never ab rollers in the gym and you desire a six-pack body, then you are missing out!

You can also substitute ab rollers for ab crunch machines as they have the same benefits.

ab wheel pike – how to do

This is a convenient and efficient workout for everyone, regardless of age. Strap your feet to the ab roller and assume a plank posture. It’s important that you ensure your posture is correct to avoid injury.

Position your wrists under your elbow and entire body. Keep your legs fully stretched while pulling the roller into you. If done right, your legs and torso should assume a v-shape. Hold this position for 5 seconds and go back to the starting point. Do 3 sets of 15 reps, and your lower abs will thank you.


  • It helps improve your core fitness


  • You can strain your muscles without using the accurate form

Ab Coaster

Workouts using the ab coaster isn’t difficult, plus it primarily focuses on the abs. The ab coaster machine will speed up your heart rate and help you achieve the six-pack body you desire.

Ab coaster workout – how to do

Put the seat in unlock position and hold the handles while placing your knees on the pad. When sliding on the rails, move your knees in up-and-down movements.

Keep going until you are exhausted, and then continue for a bit, as it’ll help build your endurance.


  • Excellent machine for building strong abs


  • It’s a limiting exercise equipment

Hanging Ab Strap

The problem with hanging ab strap is that people aren’t sure of how to use it, and hence they find it challenging. However, if you are eager to get rid of body fat while working multiple muscle groups then you should consider this in your next workout session.

There is a variety of other exercises you can do with this equipment to burn more calories, and you don’t need a certified personal trainer either.

Hanging leg raises – how to do

Secure your arms to the straps, or you can use a platform box. Allow your legs to drape towards the floor, keep your core tight without unnecessary squeezing of your shoulders.

Raise your lower body, while stretching out your legs. Bend at your hips and lift your legs in direction of your head and the bar. Slowly release your legs back to the hanging position, and you have successfully completed a rep.


  • It’s perfect for abdominal exercises
  • It doesn’t put pressure on the back


  • May not support people with heavy weights

Exercise Balls

Exercise BallsThe exercise ball is one of the most underrated gym equipment for abs. It works your core muscles, plus you can always have it in your home gym.

cross crunches – HOW TO DO

Assume a sitting position with your feet apart and flat on the floor. Make sure you are seated between the top and sides of the ball.

Lay back until you can feel your abs tightening, then gradually sit up and reach your body with one arm and lay back down. Repeat for the other arm.


  • It focuses on stability and core strength


  • You need constant supervision so you don’t lose balance

Cross Trainer

The cross trainer equipment works your whole body, with focus on your obliques and rectus abdominis. Doing this exercise while watching your caloric intake will reduce your body weight and you’ll spot visible changes in no time.

CORE WORKOUT – how to do

Place your hand on the machine, as this is helpful in putting more pressure, plus it helps you stay balanced. Go faster if you wish to burn more calories and fat. Don’t forget to take breaks at intervals.


  • It’s safe and low impact


  • Poor strength workout machine


KettlebellsTo burn calories and get rid of love handles when using kettlebells, engage in the “kettlebell renegade row” as it helps stabilize and balance your body. It’s the perfect home gym equipment to tone your core, calves and back.

kettlebell renegade row – HOW TO DO

Assume a plank position with both hands on the kettlebell. Row the kettlebell to the hip, and make sure you pull from the elbow.

Slowly row the kettlebell and hold the position at the top before lowering it back down.


  • Excellent for grip and functional power
  • Perfect for strength training


  • Not beginner friendly

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright exercise bikes are one of the best gym machines to burn the most calories while keeping track of your caloric intake as well.

Crunches – how to do

You don’t need a personal trainer for this as you might with weight machines. Pedal the bike and contract your abs inwards. Do it for 45 seconds and change to normal pedaling. You can use the adjustable resistance to increase the intensity.


  • It’s easy to use and provides an extraordinary workout


  • Might cause neck and back stress


ConclusionGetting rid of love handles means you get to watch what you eat while adding exercise to the mix. Allowing yourself to munch on unhealthy snacks while doing millions of exercises won’t easily yield any positive effect.

Making investments in gym machines is a worthy cause, and you can get the best deals and quality from BUGE. A huger variety of refurbished exercise equipment and machines are available on BUGE; treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and a lot more.

Your calories play a huge role in how fast you burn fat and build abs. So, to get the best out of your exercises, be specific about your nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What’s the most effective ab machine?

An elliptical trainer is one of the best gym equipment for abs as it focuses on the midsection and abdominals.

2. What gym equipment is best for love handles?

The treadmill is a great machine to get rid of love handles, and you can use the stair climber to eliminate bulging waistline.

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