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Osteoporosis is a bone weakening disorder that makes the bones in the body brittle and fragile as they lose tissue. While it affects people of all gender and races, older women and adults are at high risk.

Exercises for osteoporosis, a healthy lifestyle, and medications can help to strengthen weakened bones and prevent bone loss.

People with osteoporosis always ask which exercise equipment to use or what workout routine they should engage in. There is always this uncertainty when hitting the gym. There are people who suffer from osteoporosis that think weight-bearing exercises are not for them, but that is not the case.

When you exercise, you get stronger muscles and strong bones. But note that it is recommended you visit your physical therapist to assess your bone density as well as your overall health.

There are osteoporosis exercises that help maintain bone density and also improve your overall fitness.

In this article, we will be looking at everything you need to know about exercising while having osteoporosis.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Exercise Equipment For Osteoporosis

Factors To Consider When Choosing Exercise Equipment For OsteoporosisIt is important to understand that there are some things you should consider before you choose an exercise machine for osteoporosis exercise.

Whether you want to engage in strength training exercises or weight training exercises, these are the main factors to look out for before you choose a piece of equipment.


The quality of the equipment you want to buy has to be top-notch. Compromising on quality could also be putting you at risk of injury. Ensure you get a high-quality exercise machine to use for your workouts.


You are buying a machine to use specifically for the prevention of more damage, so it only makes sense that it is as comfortable as it gets. If you are interested in getting the machine for home use, then comfort is essential as there might be no one to spot you.


More durable equipment will offer you its services for a longer period. So, think twice before you go for a less durable machine as they tend to wear out faster.


Reliability is a must when choosing exercise equipment for osteoporosis. Of course, no one wants a machine that falls apart when being used. Get equipment that can support you and can withstand any force exerted on it.


Budget always comes into play when getting any product. Be sure you make a lot of research before purchasing any equipment to be sure you get one that is beneficial and suits your needs.

What Is The Best Exercise Machine For Osteoporosis?

There is no particular workout routine that is perfect for someone with osteoporosis to perform. The exercise plan you select should ultimately be based on your balance, fitness, level of physical activity, range of motion, muscle strength, and fracture risk.

Balance exercises, weight-bearing exercises, and stretching exercises should be in your exercise routine to facilitate bone growth and better bone health. It is advised that people with severe osteoporosis exercise safely and use proper form.

Ski Machine

The ski machine is easy on the knees and joints as they provide little to no impact. They are normally easy on your knees and hips. There are some models that come with the ability to change the difficulty and adjust the resistance.

The two types of ski machines are the independent ski machine and the dependent ski machine. Check to see which one matches your requirements.


It gives you an energetic workout session



Biceps Curling Machine

Biceps Curling MachineThis machine provides you with two benefits. Firstly, it engages your upper back muscles and strengthens your arms. Also, performing biceps curls with this equipment sees that you use your arms to grasp the handle and this, in turn, stretches your upper back.


It helps to prevent and reduce spine fractures

It strengthens your arms



Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical TrainerThis machine is essential for those suffering from osteoporosis. It saves your joints, muscles, and bones from wear and also gets rid of any jarring. It is effective because of its continuous and smooth elliptical pedaling movements.

There are some elliptical trainers that come with handles which help to target your upper body as you train.


It provides you with an amazing cardio workout.



Lat Pulldown

This is a machine that targets the back muscles at various angles. In the beginning, try to execute the movement slowly while using light weight. If you want to target your deltoids and latissimus dorsi, you should use a wide grip.

Using a narrow grip would focus the exercise on your inner back muscles.


It boosts strength in the back muscles

It improves your posture


Exercise Bicycles

An exercise bike is a great machine to use in the treatment of osteoporosis. The tension that you get on the bike will place additional push and pull on your leg’s bones and muscles. And also the resistance from these bikes help you increase bone-building benefits while protecting your back.


It improves bone density

Good for cardio




TreadmillA treadmill is a great machine for osteoporosis exercise as it is known to suppress bone resorption and stimulate bone formation. Take your starting position and turn on the machine, maintaining a steady pace.


The impact on your feet as you walk or run helps to stimulate bone growth

It boosts your cardiovascular health



Rowing Machine

A rowing machine focuses on those muscles located at your shoulder blades. To help maintain bone density and reduce the stress on bones, people with osteoporosis really need the help of the upper back muscles.

When you are performing this activity, ensure you maintain good posture, sit upright and maintain a straight back.


It strengthens the shoulder blades

It is a physical activity that only requires light resistance.



Leg Press

Leg PressUsing the leg press is a nice weight training exercise and the perfect alternative to squats. Ensure that when you are doing your reps that you keep good posture and alignment and don’t lean forward.


It provides you with an easier alternative to squats



Free Weights

Free weights like kettlebells and dumbbells are very versatile and can be used in different ways. You can incorporate them as you walk or for shoulder lifts and biceps curls. You can also use them for balance exercises.


They can be used for various exercises



Chest Press

Chest PressAs an alternative to your traditional push-ups, you can use the chest press. It is a weight-bearing exercise that targets your upper body. Keep a good posture as you perform the exercise.


Helps expand the rib cage and eliminate breathing difficulties.


If done the wrong way, it could flex your spine.

Triceps Cable Pulldown

This is an outstanding workout to help you stay active and battle osteoporosis. Ensure you have good form when performing this exercise. Ensure your shoulder blades are tucked down and back with your legs bent a bit.


It helps treat osteopenia

It works your upper body muscles


The additional technique and load can lead to a flexed posture

Resistance Bands

Resistance BandsOne of the best tools for strength training and flexibility training is a lightweight, affordable resistance band. You can weight train with them to handle your osteoporosis properly. Since you are not lowering and lifting while you hold the contraction, you are not at risk of inflammation.

There is also low pressure on your joints and these bands work your muscles.


It helps to halt bone loss.

It makes your muscles work more and improves bone density


A faulty band can snap

Bonus: Weight Bearing Exercise For Osteoporosis

Weight-bearing exercise is also good for treating osteoporosis. This involves your upper body and leg muscles working against gravity to maintain your upright posture. Your bones get stronger and build more as they react to the weight on them.

The weight-bearing exercises you can perform include stair climbing, walking, yard work, step aerobics, and some others. Avoid all the high-impact weight-bearing exercises if you are prone to falls and fractures.

What Is The Best Muscle Strengthening Exercise For Osteoporosis?

You need to work with free weights or use weight machines at the gym to gain strength and push your body to create more tissue for your bone. Exercises that can help strengthen your muscles include biceps curls, shoulder lifts, and hamstring curls.

Types Of Exercises And Machines Everyone With Osteoporosis Should Avoid

Types Of Exercises And Machines Everyone With Osteoporosis Should AvoidThere are certain exercises people with chronic osteoporosis should avoid as this could increase the chances of osteoporotic fractures. Physical therapists advise that people with severe osteoporosis stay away from high-impact exercises and engage in regular exercise.

The exercises to avoid include:

  • Exercises that involve bending forward (sit-ups can increase your risk of compression fractures)
  • Bending and twisting the body
  • Tennis
  • Jumping rope
  • Jogging
  • Hiking

Using the right body mechanics and proper footwear will lessen your chances of injury and bone fracture.


According to the international osteoporosis foundation, one osteoporotic fracture occurs every three seconds worldwide. Osteoporosis doesn’t have to be difficult to live with. Balance training, posture exercises and weight-bearing activities can help to improve osteoporosis.

But before you incorporate any workout into your exercise regimen, you need to first select the best exercise equipment for osteoporosis. Weight machines and cardio machines are all good but you need to check with your physical therapist to be sure you can use them.

It could also help to get a personal trainer to help you execute the safe movement of exercises and stay healthy. These low-impact exercises and flexibility exercises can also help you prevent osteoporosis and slow down your decline in bone mass.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Is Best For Osteoporosis, Treadmill Or Elliptical?

Both of these machines will help you lose weight, build endurance, and improve cardio health. They also don’t have that impact weight-bearing exercises do.

If you want to build bone density to keep your bone health optimal, then the treadmill machine is for you.

If you want to protect your joints, then you should use the elliptical trainer as it doesn’t exert as much pressure.

  • Is Osteoporosis Reversible With Exercise?

You cannot fully reverse osteoporosis with exercise. There is no one exercise that can be used to treat osteoporosis but there are exercise recommendations that help to prevent further bone loss.

You can practice resistance training by using your own body weight, resistance bands (elastic exercise bands), or light hand weights. Your goal is to strengthen your muscles and bones.

  • Are Vibration Machines Good For Osteoporosis

Vibration training has been found to be helpful in treating pain that results from osteoporosis and it also boosts physical fitness. The other benefits of vibration machines include neuromuscular coordination, increasing muscle strength, and reducing the risk of fall-related fractures.

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