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Cross Trainers & Ellipticals

Cross Trainers & Ellipticals






New Strength Circuits, just in! 04/2015

Free Motion Strength Circuit

Free Motion Strength Circuit

Cybex VR2 Strength Circuit  -Row-Rear Delt -Chest Press -Overhead Press -Leg Extension -Prone Leg Curl -Back Extension -Ab Crunch -Olympic Flat Bench -Olympic Decline Bench -Olympic Incline bench

Cybex VR2 Strength Circuit

We are a company that prides our self with a great amount of knowledge of used fitness equipment. We have had the privilege of working alongside the leading manufacturer and Gym Equipment  Distributors in the business. During that time we noticed a market for used fitness equipment fifteen years later and we are still here!




At Best Used Gym Equipment we offer the client many options. We used to specialize in selling “as is” and still do, but now also we offer, painting of equipment in-house, powder coating, and custom made equipment. This allows us to be competitive in any price point.

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At Best Used Gym Equipment we have an inventory of over 600 pieces, we turn equipment on a daily basis. We only cater to bringing in the well respected manufacturer. Our warehouse is constantly stacked for the local gym owner, the large franchise gym, overseas gym and the home owner. With the knowledge that we have, we can help in designing your gym to your liking, and we are proud to say that we have help hundreds of clients design their facilities. Please enjoy our web page. Regards, Best Used Gym Equipment.           

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