Gymleco 012 Iso Lateral Low Row


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The Iso Lateral Low Row is incredibly popular among people that are picky with their gym equipment for their back workouts. This because the movement path is correct and hits the right muscles. It’s also designed with an unique movement patter that reduces loading on the shoulder joint compared with a traditional Lateral Pull down. It also involves the obliques and offers an ergonomic seating position.

Special features

The low row is designed with individual arms and in a compact design which makes it easy to place in all gyms. The adjustable seat makes it possible for everyone in any body length to use the machine. It is also equipped with weight hangers that will make it easy for the user to change weights during the workout because the plates are near. Additional, as a gymowner, you can be sure have the weight plates in order and not on the floor.

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  • Gymlecos unique lever with optimal biomechanics to give the correct loading through the entire movement
  • Balanced lever
  • Long movement range
  • Individual arms
  • Rubberised handgrips
  • 2 weight hangers included.

Technical specifications

Gym machine muscle target Back
Length 150 cm – 59 in
Width 75 cm – 29.52 in
Height 115 cm – 45.27 in
Weight 68,5 kg – 151 Lb
Cushion color Black/red
Exercise types Strength training
Series 010

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