Gymleco 326 Standing Pec Fly


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The standing pec fly is a unique chest machine where you perform the exercise standing which is a more and more popular way to train since it’s easy to access, there are no settings and you get a lot of power when standing up. It has a correct muscle movement which prevents injury and makes the exercise smooth.

Offering a variety of chest machines at your gym is crucial for a well-rounded and effective workout experience. These machines target the chest muscles from different angles and provide options for both beginners and advanced users. By having a selection of chest machines, you cater to individual preferences and allow members to diversify their training routines. Whether it’s incline, decline, or flat chest machines, each offers unique benefits and helps develop strength, size, and definition in the chest area. Providing a range of chest machines ensures that all members can find a suitable option to achieve their fitness goals.


• Standard frame color: Black

• Double foot platform                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Standard frame color: Black

• Double foot platform

Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Weight Stack 220 LBS 100 kg
Dimensions 53” x 44’’ x 70’’ 135 cm L x 112 cm W x 177 cm H
Net Weight 441 Lbs. 200 kg


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