Gymleco 162F45 Back Raise 45 degrees


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This is an appreciated piece of gym equipment that gives a effective training for the lower back (lumbar) and gluteus muscles. Stable construction and the fact that it’s easy to use makes it suitable for everyone. This is a traditional gym equipment and a must-have at all gyms!

More about Gymleco’s Back Raise

Back Raise is a popular Gymleco equipment that is very effective for training the lumbar and gluteus muscles. Stable construction that is suitable for all body heights. Regular training of back raises will strenghten the lower back.

This Gymleco back raise is designed in a fixed form of 45 degrees. Gymleco also has three other back raises, one is fixed at 90 degrees and the other is an adjustable back raise between 45-90 degrees. The third one is a unique knee standing back raise.

  • Can be attached to the floor.
  • Equipped with helpful handles.
  • Adjustable for different body heights
Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Dimensions 40’’L x 24’’W x 46 H 102 cm L x  60 cm W x 117 cm H
Net Weight 84 Lbs. 38 kg

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