Gymleco 145 Seated Calf Press


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The Seated Calf Press from Gymleco is a plate loaded machine for calves. It has a compact, smooth design that makes it incredibly space-saving without compromising on function or length of the movement. One of the most popular machines for calves among Gymleco’s range and a must-have at every gym!

More about Seated Calf Press

This Seated Calf Press is a gym machine in plate loaded model. It’s designed with full isolation of the calf muscles and is easy to get into due to its open design. Set the thigh cushions to desired height with a simple pin setting. Sit down and use the handle in front of you to push the leg support up for easy entry. Place your knees under the cushions and your feet on the knurled foot support in steel. Grab the smaller handles in front of you for support and push your legs upwards.

Special features

Our machine is designed after long experience. After all, we’ve been on the market for 30 years. Therefore the biomechanics are unique and correct. The forward-facing seat meets the angled footrest and provides a natural posture in this Gymleco Calf Press. The footrest ensures that the entire front of the foot has contact throughout the movement. It also gives a natural movement of the ankle. The stop automatically falls out when you start the exercise.

  • Plate Loaded – load with weight plates
  • Angled footrest
  • Forward angled seat
  • Adjustable thick knee cushions
  • Small footprint and correct biomechanics
  • Cushion Color: Blac/red

If you’re looking for this same one with weight stack (selectorized model) take a look at our article 345.

Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Dimensions 55” x 24’’ x 33’’ 10 cm L x 60 cm W x 85 cm H
Net Weight 120 Lbs. 55 kg

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