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The Glute Kickback machine is a common exercise for gluteus maximus. The movement is done with one leg at the time, kicking it back and activating the glutes. This is a fun and effective gym machine for all gyms!

More about Glute Kickback

This Glute Kickback is a plate loaded gym machine which means that you load the weight with weight plates. The machine is usually the ladies favorite but of course the guys get also a lot out of doing it. The movement is unique in our machine because first of all it’s long and activates the gluteus maximus in a perfect way. In this gym machine you have your body position upright. You stand comfortably on one knee with substantial chest support and the help of a proper handle. One leg is trained at a time.

Special features

As always, Gymleco gym machines are designed in a compact format so that you easily can place it at the gym and optimize your gyms surface. The machines are designed in only high quality materials so that they resist heavy strength training year after year.

Take a look at this gym machine but with a weight stack instead here: 360 Gluteus One Leg Kick.

More details

  • Plate Loaded gym machine
  • Balanced lever
  • Train one leg at a time
  • Long operating range
  • 1 weight hanger included
  • Cushion color: Black/red
Feature Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Dimensions 50” L x 47” W x 52” H 126 cm L x 119 cm W x 133 cm H
Net Weight 248 Lbs. 113 kg

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